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  1. Picked up a 25 year old time capsule---

    How about this beauty? Amazing condition, still has nipples on the 1997 date-coded tires. Had to take the carb off and give her a good cleaning, but otherwise.. CANNOT wait to get it out to the desert!
  2. Forgestar CF10--20x11 and 20x9***PICS***

    I had this set of CF10s sitting in my garage for almost 2 years because I was in the process of building a motor for my TT 2018. Motor finally back in car, so decided to unbox these beauties and get them installed. Tires are 305/30r20 and 255/35r20 Yokohama Advan Apex. Loving the set up so far.
  3. Elon Musk to buy Twitter--take private--WOW! [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Pretty massive news right here. What are you thoughts? Im shocked this is happening. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/04/25/business/elon-musk-twitter
  4. Sai Li Fuel sysem and dropping rail pressure (2018)--Log attached

    Im in the middle of tuning my 2018 car with twin turbos and noticing rail pressure dropping to 35 psi or less under low boost. Has anyone else had this issue? Tuner thinks one pump might not be working but the install of this system is pretty straight forward and I don't see how I could have...
  5. Budget 2018 twin turbo GT build--Under $5k including fuel upgrades

    Ive slowly been gathering parts for my build. I had a 2014 MT82 car that started as a Paxton car and ended as a On3 twin turbo car. Loved how that car ran on the twins. On3 install was a BEAR, but once it was done and the exhaust leaks fixed, it ran like a scalded ass ape. Sold that car and...
  6. 11.69@120 and 11.79@121 mph-- 2018 GT

    Car went 11.6@120 and 11.7@121 last night in Fontana in ~3500 DA. It was 95* outside in the heat of the day but cooled off to mid 80s by the time we started racing. Could not get the damn thing to hook out of the hole. 1.8x was best 60' even though it has been 1.75 before. Car has JLT, Lund...
  7. Magnaflow 12469 resonated x pipe install--home built

    Home built resonator delete on my 2018. This MF muffler is true 3" in and out. Before this install, it was too loud since I added the MAK deletes. Had to chop off the factory connects on the MAK pipes and then the muffler was welded straight to the MAK pipes. Ran some 3" pipe to the axle...