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  1. Differential Issue When Turning Sharp (Dangerous!!!)

    The 2022 Mustang GT Premium California Special specs show it comes with a Torsen Rear-End: 2022 Ford Mustang GT California Special (topspeed.com) This is pretty much normal behavior for the Torsen, as mine also does this exact same thing occasionally.
  2. Florida FS: 3.55 Loaded Rear End

    Up for sale is a fresh built 3.55 Ratio Rear End This Rear End was assembled with the following New Parts: New FoMoCo Aluminum Carrier/Housing New Ford Performance 3.55 Ring and Pinion New FoMoCo Traction Loc Differential Assy ALL New Bearings and Seals Has the 110mm ID Pinion Flange, (Fits...
  3. Florida FS: 3.15 Traction-Loc Rear End

    Very Nice Aluminum Carrier 3.15 ratio Mustang Rear End Traction Loc Differential From -Low Mileage, Automatic Trans, Mustang- Completely Gone-Through, Cleaned, and Renewed New Pinion Seal and Bearings Price: $600.00 , (Prefer Local Pickup)
  4. Florida FS: 3.73 Ring and Pinion FORD OEM (New)

    Ring and Pinion Gear for "Super 8.8" Ford Rear-End (3.73 ratio, brand new) Price: $150 .00 + (USPS shipping Flat Rate Medium Box)
  5. Florida FS: 3.73 Ring and Pinion (Low Miles)

    Good Condition, (Low mileage), 3.73 Ring and Pinion for "Super 8.8" rear-ends Price: #100.00 + shipping (USPS Medium Flat Rate Box)
  6. Florida FS: 4.11 Torsen Rear End, (Fresh Build)

    I just finished building this beauty. Iron Housing Torsen T-2R differential New US Gear (Lightning) 4.11 Ring and Pinion (Isotropic treatment) Video Here: All new bearings and seals Price: $2,000.00 (Prefer Local Pickup) Please PM me for more detail info, photos of build, setup specs, etc.
  7. Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End

    Looks like pretty heavy wear on that pinion bearing, What does the Cup/Race look like ? Interesting color on the gear marking compound, What is That ? , but pattern looks OK
  8. Do I need too replace these rear suspension bolts??

    Agree, I believe some of the bolt replacement is because of Legal. I worked in the Ford garage back in the 70’s & 80’s. Very few suspension bolt replacements were called for in the Ford repair manual. After a few law suits and now bolt replacements everywhere.
  9. Halfshaft pilot bearing depth?

    The debth of the half shaft bearings is: 5/8” in from outer housing surface.
  10. 2018 Differential in 2017 Mustang GT?

    The Flanges are interchangeable to the pinion shaft. Its only the driveshaft mounting that is different. Either way you prefer would work. Both ways, you need to be careful not to crush the collapsible spacer any more & end-up with too much preload on the pinion bearings.
  11. Pinion nut pre-load

    I set-up a 2019 Mustang Rear a couple of weeks ago, here was the patterns: Drive Side: Coast Side:
  12. 2018 Differential in 2017 Mustang GT?

    The 2017 Mustang (With Manual Trans) took a different Flange than the 2018->Up Models. Measuring inside the Flange 2017 Manual Trans = 112mm All 2018->Up = 110mm
  13. Pinion nut pre-load

    That gear pattern does not look good at all. Drive-Side way to low (towards the toe of the gear) Coast side is way too high (towards the top/crown of the gear. No way that would not make noise. When you are rolling pattern, hold pinion with your hand or a rag wrapped around pinion to give some...
  14. Pinion nut pre-load

    You should have had to pry the diff/ring gear out of the housing with 2 pry bars. Should not have been that easy. Could you tell if the Pinion flange had been off before,? The factory “stakes” the pinion nut to the shaft after preload. Was that nut staked on both sides before you took the nut off ?
  15. Pinion nut pre-load

    No that is normal.
  16. Pinion nut pre-load

    A new crush sleeve will only be about 1/16” longer than a collapse one. Set them side by side on a perfectly flat surface. Then take a straight-edge and place across the new one, the old one should slide under the straight-edge. Then you will see it doesn’t take much to be collapsed. If you...
  17. Pinion nut pre-load

    You should take a look here: (2) Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) - Mustang6G.com
  18. BASE GT350 NON-R & NON-Magna-ride SPRING's P/N#'s? HELP!

    My 2016 GT350 Non MagnaRide Front Springs: Spring Diameter: .555 Spring Rate: 194 Front Springs PN: FR3Z-5310-K
  19. BASE GT350 NON-R & NON-Magna-ride SPRING's P/N#'s? HELP!

    My 2016 GT350 Non-MagnaRide Rear Springs Spring Diameter: .750 Spring Rate: 914 Left Rear PN: FR3Z-5560-S Right Rear PN: FR3Z-5560-N Of course the RR spring on the GT350 is wound in the opposite direction. To Fit GT350 rear springs on S550 mustangs, it takes (2) LR springs from a GT350
  20. BASE GT350 NON-R & NON-Magna-ride SPRING's P/N#'s? HELP!

    The 2015 - 2016 GT350’s without Track Pack, and without tech package we’re referred to as Base Model. These base models do not have MagnaRide. I have one !