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  1. How Often or/Last time you were stopped by police.

    Hmm never been pulled over..must be lucky. :fingerscrossed::angel:
  2. Rock Chips Prone Areas?

    Get the full hood and fenders. I did xpel of the entire front, fenders, mirrors, and the black trunk lid (that area is prone to marks).
  3. Your car wash workflow

    Hand wash every two weeks. I use a rinseless wash, then a detailer spray afterwards. I also use a waterless spray in-between to get road grime, bug and bird crap off. I have xpel ppf full front and then ceramic coat the entire car so it does make cleaning a little easier.
  4. Bad driving habits with your Mustang

    I do this on my way to work since I leave so early there's less cars on the road. There's one light that has just a straightaway for a mile. If I am stopped at a light and no one in front of me, it's usually just empty road ahead, I floor it. :blush:
  5. Tips/Key Things to Inspect Before Accepting a Mustang from the Dealership?

    When you take delivery of the car, inspect it during the daylight on a sunny day. It'll make it easier to see any imperfections in the paint. I made sure to inspect the entire exterior. Opened the trunk and hood, inspected engine, making sure alignment was good when closed. As an aside, I...
  6. Ford Boss Puts the Kibosh on ‘Unreasonable’ Dealer Markups

    if ford wants to control allocation to dealers based on these shady practices it’s their choice. You’re acting like Ford doing the right thing to reign in unscrupulous dealers is going to be the next stop to communism lol
  7. Ford Boss Puts the Kibosh on ‘Unreasonable’ Dealer Markups

    About time! Ford and other car manufacturers have to know those shady dealers that do this give their brand a bad name. It reflects back on them if they don't put a stop to it. :clap:
  8. Surprised

    I"m near Orlando, I see lots of Mustangs!:like: Truth. I have been using a space heater at work and at home! :crackup:
  9. I Can’t Drive 55!

    Sometimes I wonder if our government officials live in a fantasy land.no common sense lol
  10. So, steppin’ out?

    Same, it's my first too also fullly loaded. I still remember when I first took it for a test drive, we're on a straight back road no cars on it and sales guy was egging me on to floor it :crazy:and all the while I"m going "b-but it's not my car yet..I can't crash it on the test drive!" lol I...
  11. Why does everyone else drive like a pos bc we have stangs?

    Just yesterday I'm at a stoplight, in the right lane. Car next to me a nissan altima. I accelerate like normal, not crazy or anything just enjoying the beautiful day and I don't know what they're trying to do but accelerate super fast to get ahead of me but I let them because I don't want to...
  12. Survey Says Ford Mustang Is Top Dream Car

    ha I can agree with that statement..I got my GT after renting a Mustang for a week on vacation and falling in love with the car. :blush:
  13. So a Twister Orange GT is a PoPo magnet for sure!

    I've never been pulled over by the police in my entire "career" of driving lol. I also don't do stupid things on the road and have kept my car in good repair license and registration up to date. With my new Mustang it's not one of the eye magnet colors like bright red or orange, but velocity...
  14. What can I do as a customer @ a Ford dealership for warranty repairs taking 4-6 weeks?

    I think there was another thread about the longest people have had to wait for their cars to be repaired...these wait times of weeks make me nervous, not to mention months I've heard. I daily mine and is my only car, it has only 1300 miles on it so knock on wood no issues but yah hearing these...
  15. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    I agree. I can remote start my car but I can't have a trunk that automatically opens fully? :crazy:Yah stupid thing to complain about..but not when you got hands full of shopping bags and no way to open the trunk except putting everything down it's annoying lol
  16. Perceptions of Middle-age Men in Mustangs

    Boring can be good sometimes...but not when it comes to cars! :giggle: I love surprising people and seeing their reaction when they find out I drive a Mustang because they assume I drive a boring car lol
  17. Anyone else get this black shmutz on the rear?

    Nice to know I'm not the only one driving a nasty dirty Mustang lol I'm ashamed to see how dirty it needs a washing this weekend for sure You telling me, I got a PP so have the brembos... :crazy: