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  1. Educate me to help me understand.

    I had a similar but not as bad situation with mine. In addition to that, the car would not start unless I shoved the clutch pedal damn near through the firewall. After inspecting the clutch pedal at the pivot, I found it was cracked really bad. Also found out this is a common issue. It was a...
  2. Getrag MT82

    I have 75k on my 2015 PP. I have an Excedy clutch with MGW shifter. Have had many an issue with the MT82 and had to have it re-built at an independent shop after multiple dealers told me there wasn't a problem. (broken parts and synchros) After the re-build it was better but still really notchy...
  3. Power Seats ?

    I've often wondered why Ford did not offer power & heat with the Recaro seat option. I love mine but I wish they were a little more adjustable and the heater would sure be nice on cold mornings. I've heard they are available outside of the USA but can not confirm.
  4. Bullitt Brake Issues

    Looks like some kind of PCV maybe?
  5. Think I Got Screwed X2

    Thanks. It's sad that these are not unique experiences.
  6. Think I Got Screwed X2

    Same issue here. Had my car in at 3 different dealers and they all said the same thing "nothing is wrong, it's normal". This was all during the warranty period. Ford customer care was no help at all. I got so frustrated I gave up. Luckily I bought an extended warranty with the car. I took it...
  7. Bullitt Brake Issues

    If your vibration does not change with brakes on or off, check wheel bearings and suspension bushings. Possibly the driveline and/or axles too. I've seen drilled rotors come apart on the racetrack. Not pretty.
  8. Stock Coyote Cracked Crank Snout

    Isn't the powertrain warranty 6 years 60k? I Effin hate the "stealerships". Haven't had a single positive experience at any Ford service dept. Not many dealers rebuild any major component anymore. They're all parts replacers now.
  9. Not sure what I think about this?? Mid engine Mustang?

    I am 100% correct on a factory built Corvair. (I have owned a few) I am familiar with the "Corv-8" conversion and this was not an OEM option. Very cool modification though and I have seen a few at car shows.
  10. Not sure what I think about this?? Mid engine Mustang?

    Corvair is "rear engine". Still has a back seat and gets really tail-happy in a tight turn.
  11. Is my car totaled?

    Those welds that let go do not look like the factory spot welds. Looks like really poor quality MIG welds to me. Is this a salvage title car or has it ever been wrecked before? I've never seen that many welds break loose with no apparent damage to the panels. Might not be a bad thing if they do...
  12. Nitto nt555 vs. Firestone fire hawk Indy 500

    +3 on the Firehawk Indy 500 tire. On my 2nd set of rears now.
  13. Need your input on my alignment specs

    Those numbers look pretty good. I'm with DanaPants on the front toe. should be just slightly in a bit. Cross-camber could be better but a difference of up to .5 is typically within spec.
  14. 2019 Bullitt. Normal wear on front tires?

    Same issue here on my 15 GT PP. Tires are Firestone Indy 500. Not worn into the chords like OP, but heavier wear on the inside edges while the rest of the tires are great. Found out the toe was not set correctly. Had an alignment done to correct the front toe and now the car is very unstable at...
  15. All Worn Out - 4000 Miles

    Sounds like a lot of fun!
  16. Tires: Good performance in summer; still safe in the rain

    I've never driven a drag radial so I really can't compare. I'm a road course guy. I can tell you the Indy500's feel planted, do well in the rain and they last like crazy. I got about 35k on my last set of rears and that's with a couple track days. The fronts still have about 30% good tread left.
  17. Tires: Good performance in summer; still safe in the rain

    +1 for the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. Great all purpose tire. I'm now on my 2nd set and love them. The price has doubled in the last few years (what hasn't) but still better than the Michelin or Conti tires.