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  1. Utah Proclip s550 phone mount

    $45 shipped. Comes with the actual car mount and a holder for larger sized phones.
  2. Heat smells weird

    It was that time of year to use heat again. Does anyone else have this "issue"? I can't even explain what it smells like, but ever since it was new, when I use the heat in my car, it just smells weird. Never been in another car that had this. Best equivalent I can think of is like a hot plastic...
  3. Road Trip Advice

    Since another member had good success doing this, I figured I'd pick your guys' brains. I'm doing a road trip next week, mostly focusing on northern California/Oregon. I'll be camping for the entirety of this trip. I'm headed directly west on I80 from Salt Lake, and camping near Truckee, then...
  4. Utah Mishimoto Catch Can 18+ GT

    Here I have a barely used Mishi catch can. I got this to use with the FP tune kit, but I ended up taking that kit off, so it's going unused now. $150 shipped.
  5. Octane Adjust stuck at 0

    I noticed this while logging today, OAR (learned octane adjustment) never actually learns anything, it just stays at 0... That means the car isn't subtracting any timing, but it isn't adding any either. Has anyone ever seen this before with the stock tune? I'm going to try resetting the adaptive...
  6. CJ Pony Parts Gone?

    I noticed they're gone from the sponsor section after some particularly negative feedback from a few users. Are they just circling the toilet now?
  7. Removing leaves/detritus from rear glass seam

    Does anyone have any easy ways to do this without scratching things up? I tried tweezers but there isn't enough room to even open them all the way in there.
  8. System audio not playing through speakers

    I noticed this recently, the door chime and reverse beep are playing through the system/instrument cluster speaker and not the audio system like they used to so they sound different. The only thing I did was plug back in the telematics fuse since I'm going in to service soon. May have had...
  9. He won the race, but at what cost?

    https://www.fox4news.com/news/video-1-in-critical-condition-1-arrested-after-apparent-street-racing-crash-in-lewisville.amp Blows my mind how dumb some people can be. The Mustang was out front, but I guess he was so busy looking back that he didn't see the person in front of him? Apparently...
  10. When even adsense has no faith in Ford

    You get this apparently 😂
  11. Diff oil additive

    Do I need to use the Motorcraft additive for my trak lok if I use Redline 75w85 gl5 gear oil? It's the only one that meets the Ford spec, and it says it has additives already. But I'm not sure, does the Motorcraft additive increase friction or decrease it?
  12. Gas prices in your area

    Let's avoid this turning political please, but I'm curious as to what everyone is seeing. It seems like here in Utah the prices jumped 50 cents in one night up to $4.50 average for regular.
  13. Locked or unlocked for storage?

    Does anyone know if there's a difference with things like how the car processes sleep state? Obviously I'm not worried about someone rifling through the car in my garage, but since it's sitting for 5 months I'm curious as to what's better, or at least what everyone else does. Locked seems like...
  14. Ford Chime

    Since Ford has been using the same bing bonger when you open the door/start for every vehicle they make for the last 10+ years (curious if the Ford GT does it), how does everyone feel about it? I personally like it, it's somehow soothing like an old friend. But I know a lot of people who hate it.
  15. Mercedes stops all V8 production

    I can't find an actual source but a reddit thread, where the mods claim the internal document is legit, but there's also some other interesting talk coming from people with orders out on '22 AMG V8 models, apparently all of them are being cancelled. Seems rather odd, since they are typically...
  16. Mikthehun1 MIA?

    12 days of not posting or reacting to anything is pretty unusual, typically he lives on here. Did the aliens get him or something? Or maybe the manual man threads finally took a toll on his sanity. RIP.
  17. Exhaust Sag

    Installed my MBRP street exhaust, and I'm rather annoyed because I got the fitment absolutely perfect, but the clamps from the midpipes to the h-pipe literally don't do anything, they're worthless. I tightened them to the 45ft/lbs+ that was suggested, and to where it felt like something was...
  18. Residue in coolant tank?

    Anyone ever seen this? Some deposits appearing on the bottom of the coolant tank. I have mixed yellow and orange because I couldn't get any orange and Ford said you could, but other than that I don't know what would cause something like this, or if I should be concerned, lol.
  19. Honeycomb grille

    Is there a less annoying way to clean this?
  20. Oil cooler coolant loop fittings

    Having a hard time finding out how these are supposed to be released. I'm talking about the white plastic tabs that snap onto the two barbs on the t section of the lower radiator hose. I find with shit like this that it's always way too easy to break them if you don't do it just right, so I'm...