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  1. GT500 Carbon Fiber Condenser Clips

    So, I have recently replaced my AC condenser because it was getting a little ragged with fins bent and overall road debris damage. I figured I'd replace it before it becomes a problem down the road. So when I was removing the condenser, I noticed that one of the clips was broken. A closer...
  2. Latest GT500 CF wheel purchase

    So I picked up 2 wheels from a Ford dealership in AR for $700 each complete with tires, TPMS, and center caps. The rear wheel was near perfect, except that it had a 305 mounted on it. The front wheel is in excellent condition with the exception of the ceramic coating on the barrel. Today I...
  3. May I introduce to you the newest Rolex 24 instructor, 16Kobra

    I have it on good information that @16Kobra is now an instructor with the Audi club teaching the Rolex 24 course. I've driven with Jim a lot at this track and this promotion is way overdue. Please take a moment and congratulate him in this moment. It was a significant promotion and worthy...
  4. It was a good day...... it was a bad day..... almost a disaster

    So I'm out at the Daytona Speedway having fun on the track with my good friend Jim @16Kobra obra I go over the car as usual. Verify all the major systems are track worthy. The tires were serviceable with plenty of life left on them. I'm well into the first session and I felt an unusual...
  5. GT500 inner CV half shaft rebuild for serious track users

    Some may recall a while back that I had issue with my 2020 GT500CFTP the first time I had it out at the Daytona International Speedway. I run the car fast. I am in group 1 which is for pros/racers. So, I ran the car hard enough that the passenger's side inner CV on the half shaft had...
  6. Pricing help

    A friend is buying a Mach 1. For those that know the market, I am asking for a little advice. There is a '22 Mach 1 for sale, used wit a few thousand miles, FJG, with the options attached in the screenshot attached. If you were going to be the second owner, what would you pay? There is a...
  7. Fuel stabilizer

    I've decided to run only ethanol free fuel in my 500 and 350Rs. Although non-ethanol fuel is a big step towards keepomg fuel issues at bay, stabilizer takes it even farther. I recall some blurb somewhere that we are not supposed to use fuel stabilizers. Anyone know for sure and if so, why...
  8. Actually, housewife blue is a pretty color

    I was at the dealership today and saw a nice heritage CFTP 500. I must admit that the color was beautiful. Anyway, nice car @Inthehighdesert @Houston Kid
  9. FL auto insurance rates for GT350/GT500

    I would have posted in the general forum, but this is specific to our vehicles. USAA has jacked the rates in FL. I have a total of 8 vehicles and my 6 month rate was somewhere in the $3,000 per 6 month premium. I am up for renewal and the bill is now almost $5,000. A long conversation with...
  10. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    Folks, I am trying to get an idea for demand for a taller wing mount option that closely resembles the GT4 wing mounts, but will work with the OEM GT500 wing found on the CFTP. Please do not reply to the poll unless you would be a serious, no doubt buyer with interest in a set. The quality...
  11. I guess the speed limiter wasnt working that day

    Usually the speed limiter only lets me get to 181 mph. Data taken with a qstarz extreme (10 hz) GPS.
  12. Walking the streets of London

    And I came across this. How about that tag..... SFO is the airport identifier for San Francisco. XXIO SFO. Obvious reference to Bullitt.
  13. A smart man

  14. Ooohhhh looky what i scored.

    OEM, never installed, complete set of CF HANDLING Package wheels. Slight blemishes discovered at installation and they were set aside. All for a whopping 6K. A perfect set of track wheels. On top of that, they match my black painted stripes. Wow.
  15. I think i already know the answer to this....

    Would you track this tire? My vote is hell no. I bought a set of takeoffs for $750 plus shipping. The damage was never disclosed. I dont think I should be doing 180 MPH on this tire...... Edit, it doesn't go deeper than the tread.
  16. Congrats nmp1

    You will love the car. Pebble beach? Anyway congrats!
  17. Does anyone know the disposition of these GT500 prototypes??

    Here, as pictured in the following video, you will see two GT 500 prototypes. Usually prototypes are destroyed. I wonder if anyone has any information on their fate. These cars were trucked all across the country and displayed at various venues. I'm certain people at Ford read this site. It...
  18. So what do you think?

    I was experimenting with some color changes. I sprayed the wing with white. What do you guys think?
  19. A set of CF R wheels with PS4's for 9K

    I have nothing to do with this listing. I post it here because I think it is a great deal. Deduct the price of the tires, tpms sensors, and center caps and you are looking at about $1,800 or so for each wheel. If you don't want to buy damaged wheels and have to go through the repair process...
  20. The only mustang that i saw in my week visiting Croatia 🇭🇷

    Walking along the streets of Sibenik Croatia, I came across a 5.0 liter GT. It seems mustangs are quite rare there. In all my time there, the below was the only one I saw.