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  1. Any aftermarket brake calipers that work with my OEM 20” wheels?

    The calipers wont work because you have 14" rotors, not because you have 20" wheels. The 6 piston brembos will fit behind stock 20 rims just fine.
  2. Brake Fluid Change?

    Do you track the car?
  3. Cure for the "Tic"?

    I cured the tick with the italian tuneup.
  4. What are some Quality of Life addons for a new GT owner?

    Weather Tech floor liners for the front.
  5. 2020 GT500 Front Brakes

    I swapped in gt350 calipers into my '21 gt using 15" rotors and brackets from lmr. They fit under the stock "19 black accent wheels no problem. Add steel lines and you wont need any better brakes than that.
  6. HPDE NJ/TRI State

    SCCA track nights, once a month, starting in april. I go to pocono raceway a few times a year but thathold events at a lot of tracks, including NJMP.
  7. what wheel specs for flush fitment?

    GT 350 wheels on a stock '21 GT. 305 30/19 front and back
  8. MT-82 second gear lockout about 7000rpm

    You dont have to spend $600 on a shifter, i installed the FTB bracket, mounts the stock shifter to the trans. Once you fix the mount the stock shifter isnt too bad. $100. Braided clutch line, change the fluid to bg synchroshift. Shift lock out is gone until things heat up on the track...
  9. Gt350 on Mustang gt

    Been driving in ice, snow, and dirt for 40+ years, it's not the plane, it's the pilot.
  10. What else to install while doing springs and sway bars?

    Wider tires and lighter rims. 305's, then if you want to throw suspension parts on have at it.
  11. Gt350 on Mustang gt

  12. Gt350 on Mustang gt

  13. 2024 Dark Horse available

    come back when it's 5k below sticker and you're hungry.
  14. Wheel options when handling is top consideration

    you'll have to run inch spacers up front I believe. And to do it safely you'll need extended wheel studs installed in the hubs.
  15. Wheel options when handling is top consideration

    Find a set of used gt350 rims, and run 305 30/19's all the way around. Technically not a square set up but you can remount tires for rotation. This is what i did, saved a lot of money on new rims, dont have to run spacers or ext wheel studs. Then get a performance alignment, -2 camber up...
  16. What is the single best performance suspension mod you have done

    305 30 19's. Instead of the stock 255's
  17. What do you think of these brake for none pp for daily/track use

  18. What do you think of these brake for none pp for daily/track use

    upgrade the fluid, fade is one thing boiling the fluid and no brakes is a crash. If you want to keep the stock brakes I would also install some cooling ducts. Even if you upgrade the rotors, pads, and bigger 6 piston calipers you wont have any cooling. The orig design of the PP brembo brakes...