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  1. Factory Piston Pin height

    Anyone know what the factory pin height is? And how much you can lower it without getting into the ring pack?
  2. Georgia WTB 2018+ Morimoto Headlights

    Anyone got a set on the shelf?
  3. Georgia $140 - A10 Shelby Auto Shifter

  4. Georgia Reduced $590 2018+ Heated Carbon Fiber Wheel

    $650 + shipping - Never installed for 2018+ also retains heated function.
  5. Georgia Reduced $600 Genuine GT500 Rear Valance & install parts

    $700.00 - I will ship this but keep in mind it’s two boxes and one box is 8ftx4ft it cost about 190 to 200 to ship. Smaller box contains all of the install parts listed below. KR3Z-6P013-A - Closeout Panel FR3Z-17D943-H - Bracket FR3Z-17D942-G - Bracket (x2) FR3Z-5A242-E - Brackets...
  6. Fuel system

    I’m pre-planning and I’m curious has anyone figure out how to do a no cut fuel system. I’ve never liked the idea of cutting any of the harnesses in a car (IE custom stereo ect). I’m curious if anyone has found the associated plugs and instead of cutting made pigtails? It looks like Aeromotive...
  7. Oil filter

    What dang oil filter does this damn car use. Every place I check I get two different answers. Is it the standard GT filter or is it the same one on the 350/500?
  8. Caliper Color

    I did a search but does anyone know the paint code for the M1 orange brake calipers?
  9. Georgia Real Complete Mach 1 front bumper for sale Reduced $1400.00 OBO

    I picked this up at a dealer about a year ago to do the conversion to my 2020. Well traded the 2020 and now have a Mach 1 🤷🏼‍♂️ No need to do the conversion now. Asking $1800.00 Localish pick-up. It would be a nightmare to ship. The bumper contains the parts listed below which total over...
  10. Georgia 305/315 Cup2 for sale Reduced $1200

    Asking 1400.00 localish pick up. Tires have 16 miles on them. Car never left the dealer lot. It’s my daily and we get too much Rain here in GA.
  11. My old car has been listed

    For anyone interested in a fully loaded GT Unmodified car with all service done on time. All highway miles and no track miles
  12. M-9602-M

    Guys, I have this kit but sold my 5.0 and picked up a Mach 1. Any chance this kit would work on a Mach 1 HP car? I know it worked on the GT350/R you just didn’t use the programming. @Steeda Tech JohnC - happen to know?
  13. 305/30-19 and 315/30-19

    I just got a Mach 1 HP and these Cup2’s have to go. Other than P4S which have been rather hard to find sound here what other summer/all season (good wet traction….it rains a lot here) have you all run?
  14. Kinda bitter sweet

    Took my 2020 in for an oil change this morning, and ended up trading it in for a 2023 Mach 1 HP. Kinda sad, I ordered that car the way I wanted it and had to wait 9 mo to pick it up. They say she arrived…. The day she left… Her replacement… 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. Zach

    @Granger Ford @Zach@Granger Guys it’s Sam quick question What’s the chance my buddy could get his order in with you all and actually get the truck? He’s tried locally and they all want 15 to 50k over msrp. What would his price be? We have the 4th largest Ford dealer in the US locally and the...
  16. Carbon Fiber decklid

    I’ve had two Anderson decklids shipped to me from a vendor and both of been cracked and broken in the exact same spot. Anyone else have issue getting one that didn’t have shipping damage? this one is the second one this is the first one
  17. Did the Forum change?

    I cant make post from my phone and it looks like a html site on my phone now....
  18. Rear trunk decklid

    I have a GT350R rear deck lid, I’m trying to come up with the best way to strip the paint. Is the lid Aluminum or steel? I trying to decide on a chemical strip or plastic bead blasting.
  19. GT500 Firing Order different?

    Did I read that right? 1-5-4-8-3-7-2-6? Isn’t the Coyote the old flathead firing order of 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2. Out of curiosity, anyone know why it was changed?