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  1. Engine rattle , not mustang

    This engine rattles when throttle equals no acceleration or deceleration. Steady speed like 75 on the freeway. If I add gas it stops and if I let off the gas it stops? Any ideas?
  2. More media doom and gloom BS

    https://www.yahoo.com/tech/runaway-greenhouse-effect-look-earth-231700706.html When a planet like Earth heats up, the atmosphere collects more and more water vapor until the planet can no longer cool, causing the oceans to completely evaporate and the planet to become a Venus-like hellscape...
  3. Anyone here race Legends cars?

    Yea I know not mustang but this is the anything but mustang area. A buddy wants some help setting up his legend car and I'd like to ask some questions if anyone is or has run them. Thanks.
  4. Stepped headers

    Engine masters just did a stepped header test. The results are what I expected. They do not work, at least without hundreds of dyno tests getting the lengths correct. Back in the 80's or 90's when these first came out Ed, Headers by Ed, said the only way these will work is if the headers are...
  5. Stepped headers

    wrong forum
  6. Sammy Hagar and Barrett-Jackson

    The red rocker is selling his Laferrari. Not sure of the date it will roll across, but the dates are Jan 20 through 28 https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/sammy-hagar-selling-laferrari-highest-154509021.html
  7. What ET or back space

    for an 18 X9.5 wheel in a square setup Thanks
  8. Covid jabs, serious side effects and a law suit

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/were-told-vaccine-safe-happened-170000679.html A friend of my sister was in perfect health and died 2 days after getting the jab. Now a man from Briton is suing for compensation for sever health issues contributed to the covid jab. He is now a test case; the first...
  9. PP steering knuckles

    Are these the same as the base car? I ask due to my steering binding when I swapped PP control arms into my base car.
  10. J & M caster bearing

    Do these need to be clocked?
  11. Front rear control arm

    I went to install PP control arms and this is what I found for the rear arm. It looks substantially stronger than the PP arm. Anyone know what this is?
  12. Camber plates

    Ok, I'm tired of slipping my camber bolts and figure it is time for some plates, or slotting the strut. I've narrowed it down to J&M because of the bearing design, I don't like the caster adjustment. And Steeda, not sure I like the teflon bearing. I know these wear pretty fast. I know there...
  13. Performance Pack control arms

    Can anyone verify if these are indeed PP arms. Supposed to be M-3075-F Ford performance kit. When I cross the part numbers everything says for "non-performance pack" Thanks.
  14. Diff fluid capacity

    Do you fill to the bottom of the fill plug or stop at 2 qts?
  15. Motorkote

    Was going down the YT rabbit hole and came across this. Engine ran for an hour with just water in the crank case. I think he sold me.
  16. Broke driver side axle

    Is the GT350 left side axle the same as the GT?
  17. Mercon LV

    or Valvoline multi car. Is the Valvoline ok to use in a 17 6R80?
  18. Saw a Mach E yesterday

    Went to a store with my grand daughter and there was a mach e parked. My grand daughter asked why is there a horse on that thing? I said it is a mach e mustang, she immediately said "that's not a mustang" Smart kid.
  19. Anyone in the NKY Cincinnati area have a FRPP tune?

    Would you be willing to let me read the tune so PCMtec can define it? Thanks.
  20. PCMtec

    Just looking for some advice. I have 3 options for licensing my car. I can use the file from PCM's server, I can use the read from my car, currently tuned, or I could return my car to stock and read it. I want to be able to merge the current tuned file with the stock file to see what...