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  1. S650?

    You won’t change MY mind….
  2. Total loss payout examples?

    As some of you know. My car was completely demolished on Thursday. It will be a total loss payout. Car was in excellent condition with only 27K miles, premium car with all the options. I’m curious as what I could expect as a payout. So if anyone has has been through this truly devastating...
  3. Best tip for the drag strip.

  4. Chat relay added to M6G app?

    Who would be interested in having a live accessible forum chat here?
  5. Chrome emblem install?

    Anyone know how you put on chrome emblems? I just had a set delivered for every vehicle we own.
  6. New Hampshire Looking for driver side manifold/cat for a 2018+

    Anyone got a low mileage Gen3 drivers side cat/manifold assembly on a shelf? Preferably with no supercharged/turbocharged miles on it.
  7. New Hampshire Griptec 6-rib 76mm (3.00”) pulley (Roush/VMP 6 hole)

    Almost brand new 6-rib Griptec 76mm Roush/VMP blower pulley. Under 700 street miles on it. Makes 15-17psi on a Gen3R depending on combo/RPM. $135 shipped anywhere in Cont USA only. PayPal only.
  8. New Hampshire WTB: 3.15 gear set/differential

    Anyone with an extra set of 3.15’s in great condition? With or without carrier.
  9. New PB and it was a big gap down!

    Today was a great day! Weather was PERFECT. Left at 1800rpm on the footbrake, and she loved it. The 305/45/17 M/T Street SS's were scrubbing a bit, so they are on the hairy edge of being at their limit (at least today). Tires still haven't moved on the wheels since they moved ONCE for a...
  10. 6R80 sealing ring failure. 1700 miles after full reputable build......

    I had a 6R80 build done by a very reputable shop in April. They used one of their cores since mine had completely fragged the forward planetary. Everything seemed to work well through out the summer. Maybe a couple small oddities during the last month or so, but nothing that concerned me...
  11. New Halloween costume out. SOLD OUT

    Hard to get right now.
  12. Is your NVH (gear noise) almost unbearable with stiffer/solid mounted rear suspension parts?

    My buddy has been through 3 gear sets and an entire new rear end as well. After an outing at the drag strip, his rear end gear whine gets ridiculously loud (once the gears break in). He has cradle lock outs, solid mount control arms and diff bushings etc. I have suggested to him that the...
  13. 60' times with stock converters + 10R80 cars. 3.15/3.55 combos over 3800lbs.

    Doing some data collecting for a friend. Trying to figure what his best 60' could be on the stock converter on his P1X 2019 GT with 3.55 gear. So, ANYONE with a power adder and similar setups, what has been your best 60 foots? Also, best launch technique used.
  14. New PB in good air today. Street SS’s doing some work.

    700DA. :) Loaded it up to 1500rpm on the foot brake. She ate some dinner. Stock driveshaft and just proper rear camber. VMP Gen3R/Twin Jet 69mm 305/45/17 M/T Street SS @ 17psi cold. E78 2.80” (72mm) 6-rib Griptech pulley (17psi) stock damper. 3.15 gear (3.55 going in this winter). PP 5W-30
  15. Pinion bearing losing pre-load. Only after making a couple passes..... Strange. 3rd time.

    A buddy has a 2019GT 10R80/3.55 setup. 10.10 @ 136 car. His setup keeps losing enough pinion pre-load, that it HOWLs bad after making a couple passes (1.5's) at the dragstrip. This last time, he put a brand new loaded differential in. Drove it for 3 weeks and put 700 miles on it. It...
  16. New Hampshire ID1000 injectors.

    Selling a set of ID1000 injectors. Only used for 4 months in 2017. They haven’t seen Ethanol or pump gas. Clean unleaded race fuel only. Less than 300 miles on them. Priced to sell at $575 SHIPPED to lower 48 only. PayPal accepted and preferred.
  17. New Hampshire Procharger Big Red bypass/blow off. NEW

    Brand new Procharger Big Red Bypass/Blow off valve. Closed design type. Never used. $350 shipped to lower 48 only.
  18. New Hampshire Circle D 258mm 10R80 Converter 3400-3600 stall. $1350!!

    258mm Circle D converter for 10R80 built for NA/Centrifugal setup. Ordered through PBD. Converter has 1400 miles on it, and only 4 drag passes on it. 3400-3600 stall. Pulled out today. Ready to ship with no core charge and no 4-6 week wait time. Shipping to lower 48 states only. Price...
  19. New Hampshire Looking for SCT X4 cheap (data logging only)

    Anyone have an SCT X4? Married or unmarried. Just using it for data logging. (For a friend).
  20. New Hampshire WTB: '15-17 5.0 6R80 with under 70K.

    As title states.. Looking for a good working 6R80 from a 2015-17 GT.