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  1. Gt350 or Supra

    OPs next post will be "how bad does this damage look?" At least he's rolling in cash to get it fixed.
  2. Pulling motor and trans and have a few questions

    Yeah I have a strut brace. That route would definitely be better that the floor jack! Still think I'd rather pull both. The car will be sitting for a while, and moved to an incline driveway...
  3. Pulling motor and trans and have a few questions

    Good tips. Thanks. Won't I have to remove the tranny to move the car? How would I support the bellhousing when I move it if it's in the car?
  4. Pulling motor and trans and have a few questions

    I'm getting ready to pull my motor and trans this weekend. I would leave the trans in place and just pull the engine but need to pull the car out of my garage so I have space to work. Will I be able to pull both up and out of the engine bay or will I need to pull the front apart as well? I'd...
  5. Longterm high HP abuse of MT82-D4

    Not at 950 but sitting at 12lb of boost on twins and my D4 is still kicking at 96k miles. Boosted at 48k and I put an lpxhd in about 40k ago. 8k shifts everyday and I was ready to replace the tranny right after I boosted it but just keeps taking it. As long as your ready to replace it once the...
  6. Gt350 or Supra

    I skipped three pages of people telling you what the fuck?! (Probably) just to get to the point. If you have to ask which car gets more respect you won't get respect with either. You have to know how a car works and how to handle it before before anyone might respect you driving it. But go ahead...
  7. I have questions for Boosted Methicans

    Also I drive about 2-300 miles a week and run through a gallon of meth ever 2-3 weeks tops. Meth engages at 5.5psi.
  8. I have questions for Boosted Methicans

    Personally I'd run the 10 and the 4 (or 6) in a dual nozzle set up if I was going to rely on Meth. Better spray pattern with dual nozzles for safety but I'd still be leary to rely on it solely. I'd run the meth and buy boostane by the 5 Gallon jug and use 14ish oz per tank. Cheaper than buying...
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I always just dip my nuts in ice cold water for a few minutes then lay them on the radiator before I do hard pulls. So far that has worked great!
  10. Reckless Driving

    Reckless driving and "Almost" triple digits. Sounds like a Tuesday to me. The fun doesn't usually start until your approaching 130.
  11. Best clutch to fix my problems (2018+ MT82)

    I would assume any good aftermarket clutch would solve your issues. I run a lpxhd and it handles 8k shifts all day everyday with no lockout. It can be notchy and stick in low gears a little when cruising slow but it's bearable and takes abuse great when getting on it and things really matters...
  12. Best Cat back

    Borla atak drivers side muffler, corsa extreme on the right, magnaflow tru x in the middle and ford Fiesta cats= best exhaust ever.
  13. Noise from tranny and clutch pedal vibration

    You'll have to pull the tranny too figure out what's wrong. FYI if your at 12k miles I'm pretty sure you clutch is no longer covered under warranty. It's considered a wear item.
  14. Big insurance increase (State Farm)--anyone else?

    They will. I switched to state farm a year ago. Most companies that used nexus lexus deemed my family unisurable or offered insane rates. No one in my family has a ticket or an at fault accident in over 10 years but our overall claims was too high. I live in az and you can pull out of your...
  15. Baby seats

    No recaro experience but You'll be extremely happy they day your child fits in a forward facing seat. My daughter has been going fast in the mustang since before she was born. Mom and her fit much better once she went forward facing and she loves daddy/ daughter rides because mom won't let us go...
  16. E85 Daily??

    Yeah I don't do Facebook lol. I've been out to the station your talking about but it's been years. It used to be out of E more often than it had it so I stuck with the mckellips location. Never caught them out of it. Haven't run it in almost 3 years now but probably switching back soon.