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  1. V00D00

    When will we see lowering springs? Will we?

    Have we thought about regular gt350 springs? They already sit lower than 500 and not as drastic as gt350 lowering springs
  2. V00D00

    The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    I still believe its data under a generic approach vs, YOU/US/our names. But hey, maybe im wrong and my personal driving habits ARE THE REASON no insurance companies have offered me coverage hahahahah!!
  3. V00D00

    1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    ken of PBD has the set, although significant hp increase, im sure he would be ok with a testing session, hes basically under cftp weight already
  4. V00D00

    When will we see lowering springs? Will we?

    I have a set of cftp springs, im only going to use the fronts. If someone wants the rears, let me know
  5. V00D00

    The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    if they were reporting, or usage and habits were the cause of increse, i wouldnt be able to afford this car
  6. V00D00

    V00D00's IconicGT500

    Call and talk to ken at PBD. Thats the easiest way to get clear info straight from the source. I already have the 1320junkie stg 3 port, 1320 has their race port on his own blower now so i may upgrade soon, so i cant say for sure what boost will be, as well adding headers at the same...
  7. V00D00

    2020 GT500 PCM and TCM Updated Calibrations from Ford?

    100% can confirm tcm cal update, it does in fact eliminate the lag when launching. What else it does, i do not know. Im also aware of other tcm cal updates that may or may not be coming for public release
  8. V00D00

    2020 GT500 Tuning, Exhaust, Intakes, and more available at Lethal Performance!!

    #TeamLethal !! All my parts are starting to arrive, Never an issue with Lethal performance here
  9. V00D00

    The "how to disable the data link to Ford" thread

    I fully support the notion of once i buy it, its mine, and the data is mine too. I do like the ford pass services.. I feel like in reality, the best compromise is going to come from capitalism, and someone, whith knowledge after you figure out what where needs to be disconnected, create a "kit...
  10. V00D00

    V00D00's IconicGT500

    just a few of the parts that have arrived, install starts next week :) What you see pictured are: ID1300 Div X fuel rails 2.4 pulley Kooks 2" headers HD belt Flowmaster super 44 mufflers for custom rear with OEM valves SSP Built/Upgraded Clutches DCT fluid NOT PICTURED, but arriving...
  11. V00D00

    Any one getting this code??

    Im betting its a loose wire. I noticed my drivers side rear suspension connector was nearly rubbed through as the plastic clip broke and was making contact with the tire
  12. V00D00

    GT Spirit 1:12 Base GT500 Model

    still waiting for a model in the best and fastest color :)
  13. V00D00

    Borla exhaust

    Check pms
  14. V00D00

    Borla exhaust

    Provbably ehy they are backordered lol. but maybe, givem my valves have had zero issues, its better im using them than a new set in the box
  15. V00D00

    TRACK BATTLE - 2020 GT500 CFTP vs GT350R RACE CAR!

    Hes one of them Yuotubers you like so much, so im sure what you want is coming, but they have to do it in several episodes ;)
  16. V00D00

    2021+ GT500R (KR) ?

    I agree, but you and I are also on opposite ends of the spectrum, im a straight line guy and care 0 about warranty, your a track guy that wants ( i assume) warranty. So for cftp owners, this doesn't sound like a deal, but for base owners that do want more power and a warranty, this...
  17. V00D00

    Borla exhaust

    I bought 2 mufflers of a brand i really like and trying to put oem valves in there. Oem valves are on national backorder however, so ill use my current ones i suppose
  18. V00D00

    Borla exhaust

    Thats what im doing as well. Ive tried to order the valves themselves, but they seem to be on ntional backorder. i my just have to use my own ones for now