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  1. stanglife

    2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    YOU get a CFTP, YOU get a CFTP!
  2. stanglife

    Took me 4 years but finally got my dream GT350R and WOW!

    WHEW - glad I sold mine or we'd have two exactly the same in the same town! Cant have that!!! Just kidding - I miss mine and am considering another R now. Good thing I didn't see yours go for sale before you did, lol.
  3. stanglife

    Best way to locate specific color cars..

    Tried the Ford website but they only let you pick a zip code and it doesn't seem to let me change it...even then, I need to do 100mile radiuses around every zip code I pick. Any better way to locate? I'm half-assed looking for a silver R. Thanks!
  4. stanglife

    L1663, GT500 CFTP, the story

    I'm collecting man cards....gentlemen...hand them over.
  5. stanglife

    L1663, GT500 CFTP, the story

  6. stanglife

    L1663, GT500 CFTP, the story

    Vote multimatic or Anderson lol.
  7. stanglife

    This is a feed you will want to follow They just bought a CFTP - Linton has been creating the most amazingly over-engineered (and awesome due that) parts for Porsche for a LONG time. Check out some of the stuff in his feed.
  8. stanglife

    Edmunds GT500 and GT500 CF Track Pack test numbers

    Different months but applied some correction factor..feel highly variable. Hope to see someone test these together on the same day. Even hard to compare somewhat subjective stats like ride quality, this far apart.
  9. stanglife

    2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Yep - black. used (kinda) - Brought 10k ADM still.
  10. stanglife

    2021 Carbon Fiber Handling Package and new colors...?

    Even the layout of the CF on the exposed wheels isn't perfect...even on a Ford GT..I wonder if CR ended up with a bunch of visually imperfect wheels and someone came up with the idea that these should just get painted black ;)
  11. stanglife

    2020 GT500 Unscheduled/Material Hold or Clean Registry

    Interesting. Could be 2 things. - 2021 carbon fiber "handling" package includes the same carbon wheels but they are painted black and no longer includes the GT4 wing. - 2021 includes both the CFTP and the CFHP - the CFHP being a middle-priced option. I wouldn't be surprised either way - I can...
  12. stanglife

    2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Not a single example of a sold car that brought less than MSRP - cheapest one I see was 5k over...and it was black, too. Not here to argue - just showing the numbers still. There are some people who love black..I'm one of them..but I'm not trying to own a black car ever again. I've seen black...
  13. stanglife

    2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    A couple things... 1 - one car selling at a reduce ADM doesn't constitute the market, IMO. and 2 - it's black - black looks fantastic but it's been less desirable and the first color to dip in price for GT350s as well solely due to how much extra maintenance they take to keep nice.
  14. stanglife

    2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Once it started, you couldn’t stop it! went to see it tonight - she’s purty. Picking up tomorrow.
  15. stanglife

    R rim - anyone ever have this happen?

    Or if your R lives mostly on the street, swap the cup2s for PS4S - less rocks thrown around = statistically reduced chances of getting one stuck in there.
  16. stanglife

    Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Sounds so janky.
  17. stanglife

    It came in! With a small problem though.

    I joke sometimes about Kia paint quality being better than Fords halo cars...look what else Kia did in a case where some paint was failing. Would have the dealer repair and give you $5k back. If you didn't want a repaint, they let you choose another stinger (other colors weren't affected in...
  18. stanglife

    GT500 available Denver CO

    lol. I wish I could say we both got what we wanted.
  19. stanglife

    GT500 available Denver CO

    You're just trying to make me feel better - but thanks :). I know I'll like it. Loved my R in white. Just got fomo over the silver.
  20. stanglife

    GT500 available Denver CO