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  1. GoldnAzn

    ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    ME! :cheers:
  2. GoldnAzn

    Nor Cal & So Cal 2nd Annual RUN IN THE SUN Meet & Cruise **Sunday 7/30**

    SC_Ruby will meet you guys at Starbucks on Friday...
  3. GoldnAzn

    SOLD!!! FS: GT350 Steering Wheel

  4. GoldnAzn

    SOLD!!! FS: Boomba Weighted Shift Knob (220g)

    SOLD!!! For Sale: Used Boomba Weighted 220g Shift Knob.
  5. GoldnAzn

    SOLD!!! FS: GT350 Steering Wheel

    SOLD!!! For Sale - Slightly Used Very Good Condition GT350 Steering Wheel (FR3Z-3600-AC).
  6. GoldnAzn

    Mustang windshield sun shade

    i'll take it... i'll be in irvine today.
  7. GoldnAzn

    SoCal New Year's Day Canyon Cruise

    Last min change in plans... I'll be there!
  8. GoldnAzn

    *Palms to Pines thanksgiving weekend run* Saturday (tomorrow)

    I'll come out tomorrow wit u guys.
  9. GoldnAzn

    CJ Pony Parts Forum Discount Code

    Could you PM me the code? Thanks Dave!
  10. GoldnAzn

    SoCal Meet & Cruise #15: Angeles Crest Highway - November 20, 2016

    Doesn't look like I'll be able to attend... Been in the hospital for the last 5 days. :( Have a great and safe time and drive safe. Looking forward to see some picture.
  11. GoldnAzn

    Cars Coffee N Doughnuts San Diego 2016 - ALWAYS last Sunday of the month

    CARS, COFFEE, & BRUNCH!!!... Why not, I'm In...:headbang::cheers::D
  12. GoldnAzn

    Custom Tuning in the San Diego Area

    I'm interested... PM Sent
  13. GoldnAzn

    San Diego peeps

    A long drive, but I'm In...:cheers: