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  1. EcoVert

    Buddies or sworn enemies?

    With Fiat not giving them much money all they can do is keep adding HP and fender flares.
  2. EcoVert

    So, has everyone made peace with the 2K rattle?

    My tinnitus is pretty loud I know what you mean
  3. EcoVert

    2021 Mustang Adds Antimatter Blue, Carbonized Gray, Grabber Yellow Colors. GT500 Gets Carbon Fiber Handling Package

    I agree there's one area that FCA kicks Ford's ass in is color availability almost any color you want.
  4. EcoVert

    Video: 2 Euro-spec Mach 1s testing at the 'Ring

    No 2020 Mustang left unsold in the UK. :like:
  5. EcoVert

    Factory dents?

    Factory dents are real my 2019 Ranger had one I didn't notice until I got it home. I didn't do anything about it my Ranger is black and I didn't think it was worth the risk to get such a little dent fixed.
  6. EcoVert

    Coupe vs Vert interior noise on S550 GT

    The vert is definitely louder inside than the coupe but not overly so.
  7. EcoVert

    Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    This damn thread
  8. EcoVert

    Getting a new toy

    Good looking car :like:
  9. EcoVert

    Original owners group

    I love the pony in the corral grill that's why I bought the 50 Year Appearance package.
  10. EcoVert

    Original owners group

    You maybe you're right :giggle:
  11. EcoVert

    Original owners group

    Special ordered my 2015 Mustang and she' paid for and all mine and of course I still have her.
  12. EcoVert

    What package/option is this?

    If you can afford it the premium package is the way to go the infotamement system is light years a head of the base unit.
  13. EcoVert

    Sad to see another classic bite the dust.

    Anything can be rebuilt as long as you have the money it will take it can be saved.
  14. EcoVert

    What package/option is this?

    The gauges in the middle are Performance Pack gauges both with the base info center and the premium info center.
  15. EcoVert

    The solution to voting

    I can fix all this voting crap elect me President for LIFE and I WILL fix all the countries problems.:devil:
  16. EcoVert

    Oxford White GT500 pictures

    Sweet :rockon:
  17. EcoVert

    Oxford White GT500 pictures

    Sweet :like: