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  1. TUNE basic question

    you can spend $400+ if you want. But you might try the $75 fix.
  2. New Mustang direct fit Flowforged by MRR wheels Preview

    I'm sitting on a set of NIB gunmetal 19x10/11 from LMR @spectremotorsports. You want 19's instead of those silly 20's anyway... :) I also have a NIB set (of 5) 20x11 et50'ish in bronze so you'll need a stud solution of some kind. I painted my 19x11et24 and 19x11et50 orange and red instead to...
  3. GT Perf Pack 2 - ride quality???

    depends really if you want to buy vs build. Except for the Magneride everything else can be bought. Instead of the meh PP1 radiator for the same (or less money) you can get a real, radiator and a real oil cooler. If you wait for the Mach1 you get a real transmission and a diff cooler. For even...
  4. Suggestions for Bullitt owners that want more power

    seems you should watch to bone up on some learnin'
  5. About to mod...having second thoughts...

    Applying the FP tune by definition will show up in the counter. So you tried it with and without a couple times before settling on 'with'. The counter alone is not cause for warranty denial. Heck, if Ford released a TSB that required installing a new map, that would increment the counter as...
  6. latest european ecoboost version

    well, you're not a real Mustang owner unless you buy the V8 anyway, soooo good riddance? /JK!!! I would be more concerned with how Ford (potentially) ruined power DELIVERY and less some manufactured 'topline' number.
  7. 18 mustang auto to tremec magnum xl sawp

    wait for the Mach1. Buy the trans, driveshaft, and rear-diff coupler combo that works with the TR3160 or whatever it'll be called. The XL swap is riddled with gotchas and dead-ends. Don't bother.
  8. I want more torque starting from 2000 RPM (want it to feel like 4k) what're my options?

    wrong answer. shift the bloody thing. 2000 RPM is for off-throttle cruise. If you want any power on throttle tip-in 2500 rpm is the MINIMUM. 3000 is much better. You have a multi-ratio trans - use it. Any anyway 2000 RPM in 4th is what 40mph? Hell My LS (6.2l camaro) sits at 2500rpm at minimum...
  9. About to mod...having second thoughts...

    complete bunk. The only criteria is that an ASE certified technician does it. If you're worried about Ford warranty by both the Ford Perforance tune and an aftermarket. Then just flash the Ford one back on when taking it to the dealer. :)
  10. Random thoughts.......................

    I got one better. Go to the doc for checkup. The pulse-ox dongle gets put on everybody's finger. Never (or rarely) cleaned. The blood pressure cuff that goes directly on my skin. Never cleaned. the bulb the nurse is touching - never cleaned. The stethescope the doctor put against my skin in 8...
  11. Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    Tesla is one of the few who can sell gov't protected/sanctioned indulgences - aka carbon credits. That's their only source of 'profit'. As a car company they are a zero or damn close to it. When the evil internal-combustion companies have significant EV unit sales, the value of Tesla's...
  12. Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    Getting? They've been INSANE since 2008. Well after you factor in currency debasement, it's actually not moved a whole lot. Just shows the power of inflation as a tool for systemic theft. Nobody noticed their dollar was rapidly becoming even more worthless. After the housing crash the next...
  13. Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    it's only certain geographic regions though which doesn't make sense. I mean, cars are trivially transportable after all... The Carvana quote for my EB was KBB. AutodealersGo is paying a decent premium though. The dealer who "wants" my trade isn't willing to pay KBB let alone a premium.
  14. when you open the door to your garage, what are you greeted with?

    I keep seeing the back of my neighbor's fence and the broken branches from the old oak tree on it's way to tree heaven. Oh you meant if I turn around? In your case I think a sign on a saw horse that says 'noryurz' might elicit a sound rarely heard in the wild, or captured on film. /jk of course
  15. How much hp can the 5.0 handle on stock internals?

    engineering tolerances vary but assume 30% max. 430HP * 1.3 = 560. Just because not every 700HP motor has let go doesn't mean your's won't. "How lucky do you feel, punk?"
  16. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in rain/wet surface losing control? Keep or switch?

    the rear end came around on me at 20mph on a wet wood bridge that had raised round-head lag bolts holding the beams when I applied power. On practically new PS4S tires. Time and Place, Time and Place. Drum it thru your skull.
  17. TUNE basic question

    none of those mods are helped with a tune. So doubtful. Have a friendly mech look at the ECU flash count number. If you're not going to run E85 or 93 constantly then just put 91 in the tank and be happy. Otherwise buy the Ford Performance tune package if you care about factory warranty...
  18. Random thoughts.......................

    perhaps. but you'll make that cognitive error exactly once and even in death you'll raise a bony finger and point out the difference to any who come a knocking at your grave stone.
  19. Do we know if the Mach 1 will have active exhaust and the same pipes as the Bullitt?

    it's all speculation without the ordering guide STILL not published but all the electronic nannies will likely come on the car whether you want them or not. The cost to Ford is basically $150 for the sensors and the software is free. If you want to kill these pointless features, you should be...
  20. My not so great experience with Forgestar

    you'd think Forgestar would have a couple of local powdercoat/anodize operators on speed dial. Can you post pic of wheels? American Muscle has stock it would seem (not sure about drag) but the pictures are pretty poor.