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  1. Louvres for rear side windows

    Question is which would you all pick for a black 17stang (black beauty)? Matt black or gloss?
  2. Louvres for rear side windows

    How well do they stick on? I’m worried about buying some, sticking them on with 3m tape, then at motorway speed, they blow off. Or some bugger pinches them.
  3. S550 Mustang GT as a Daily Driver

    Buy an auto 5 litre beast. I did, and you’ll love it. I had a freelander, getting 22per gallon, so this stang is not much worse. BUY ONE!!
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I did nothing......again! Lockdowns a bitch!
  5. Service Pickup and Delivery

    Can you do this on a 2017 stang? Is it valet mode??
  6. How do y'all like this hood??? 2018-2019 mustang gt

    There’s a lot of hate for it. I think it’s ok if you like it. What I don’t like, is that price - WOW!!
  7. Dash cam or mobile phone?

    It’s just I’ve got one, but not set up. I was just thinking, is it easier ( or better) to use your phone as your phone could just be stuck to the windscreen?
  8. Dash cam or mobile phone?

    Do people buy dash cams or simply stick their phone on the windscreen and record?
  9. White writing on tyres?

    i think you’re right.
  10. Best bang for buck axle back?

    Yes please pm me for the roush.
  11. Best bang for buck axle back?

    I live in England so how much would it be?
  12. White writing on tyres?

    My black...all black. I think I need to see some pics before I decide.
  13. White writing on tyres?

    Yeah, my mate has grabbers on his Land Rover in white. I thought they ‘may’ look cool on the stang. Not sure though.
  14. Discount Code?

    Are the any discount codes for uk users? I’m after an axle back for a 2017 s550.
  15. Best bang for buck axle back?

    I’ve already got a steeda H pipe fitted. But I want more pops burbles - sound like the old mustang....without waking most the neighbours. I was thinking mishimoto race or roush? Which would you all suggest?
  16. Mishimoto gt race axle back with steeda h pipe

    I already have the h pipe fitted but undecided regarding mishimoto gt race axle back??? Are they good axle backs? Anyone with experience?
  17. White writing on tyres?

    Oh. I thought you bought them like that. Like on some 4x4 tyres. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
  18. White writing on tyres?

    Which type of tyre for the mustang has white writing on??
  19. To the brits - what all-weather tyres do you use?

    Anyone? Only asked brits cos of different tyres but anyone? I’d like to know If all-weather is better and more economical than summer - when slipping and sliding in the cold months?
  20. Got Roush h pipe and axlebacks?

    Google it. There’s loads. It sounds amazing.