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  1. Alfa Male

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Interesting, now I could not get my Velossa to fit when I carried over my old one off the previous mustang, hence selling it on. I knew they were launching a new model but can’t find it for sale anywhere. It genuinely made a difference hence I’m keen to do this mod again. :like: Thanks
  2. Alfa Male

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Can I ask where did you source the Velossa Big Mouth from that fits the 2019+ models ? When I asked Dreamscience previously they said they didn’t have a part that fits the facelift models. Just looked on their website and it’s still not showing either.
  3. Alfa Male

    Mustang GT Project #2

    No I didn’t connect that cable just literally plugged it in and it works perfectly from the off. Didn’t need to change any of the settings as the factory default is exactly the way I wanted them to operate. Dead simple install. Quality is really good too, my only gripe is the normal running...
  4. Alfa Male

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Rare commute to work after 6 months of home working, had the entire station car park to myself practically !
  5. Alfa Male

    Insurance modified vs non modified

    Def recommend A Plan Thatcham branch. Make sure you call the Thatcham branch as above they specialise in modified cars I rang them to notify the exhaust change when I fitted my H pipe and they didn’t charge me any extra ! Lots of people with modified mustangs use them as they are very...
  6. Alfa Male

    Hood vents

    just about to type the same thing. Particularly about the need for a securing bracket to stop them flying off at high speed which others have suffered from when retrofitted.
  7. Alfa Male

    2021 Mach 1

    sorry to hear that, hopefully you’ll be back in work soon :please:
  8. Alfa Male

    2021 Mach 1

    @Adam83 any intel from your contacts on what the likely price of the Mach 1 will be ?
  9. Alfa Male

    Anyone running a 4.09 rear gear ratio ?

    Interesting video and makes a lot of sense. Obviously this is based on the manual GTs having a 3.73 ratio whereas we are stuck with the 3.55 which is even worse. Sort of reconfirms my thoughts on the need to play with the gear ratios.
  10. Alfa Male

    Convert S550 to 1967 GT500

    All because they referenced it as an ‘Eleanor’, the name and body styling is TM and licensed What a sad world we live in some times
  11. Alfa Male

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    really works well on your car :inlove:
  12. Alfa Male

    What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Liking the new look, any pictures side on to show the profile ?
  13. Alfa Male

    Wheel Nuts and Spacers

    I’d exercise caution in going too cheap on this, you might be regretting the decision when you’re the wrong side of a hedge with the wheel elsewhere ! I’ve got Eibach spacers on mine and they seem really good quality, I’ve had this set on both my previous and current Mustang without fail ...
  14. Alfa Male

    Mustang GT Project #2

    Not sure if this counts as a mod or not but in these tough times I couldn’t resist this little addition
  15. Alfa Male

    Anyone running a 4.09 rear gear ratio ?

    Interesting ! Is the Wavretac Diff required or is that an optional part ?
  16. Alfa Male

    H Pipe options

    I’ve got the Mishimoto H pipe on mine, really impressed with build quality. Nice deep rumble too, and raises volume up to just the right level
  17. Alfa Male

    Just Wondering ...

    Sounds like a new project coming onboard ! In theory the oil pressure and vacuum gauges are now on the new digital dash display gauges. There is also the N Gauge vent option too. But I agree the PP gauges look cool and are OEM. As above I don’t think you can get the RHD dash piece let alone...
  18. Alfa Male

    GT Side Stripes Decals

    Bumping these up as they’re still for sale
  19. Alfa Male

    Touch up pen for gloss black wheels?

    no primer just grinded it back and touch up paint on top. Holding out well so far