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  1. Centurion07

    Stock headers and GPF - Yikes

    I agree, kink in the manifold is overkill. Should've just fitted a heatshield. Not worried about the cats though. Mine's on 43K and there are loads more on far higher than that. Haven't heard any stories of mass cat failures...
  2. Centurion07

    Expansion tank cover

    Yeah, wouldn't plastidip do that?
  3. Centurion07

    Cracking GT500 vid

  4. Centurion07

    Converting a Shelby GT350 to RHD

    Clive Sutton have managed it including all the interior pieces. I dread to think how much they'd want if you asked them to make one for you... ETA: £32.5K to £50K :cwl:
  5. Centurion07

    Insurance modified vs non modified

    Did you actually speak to A-Plan in Thatcham as that's their specialist branch for modded stuff?
  6. Centurion07

    Clutch recommendations

    Nope. Just a VERY loud whirring kind of sound. Like somebody sat in your car telling you to shush. Like SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. No other kind of mechanical noise i.e. graunching/grinding/knocking/rattling or anything.
  7. Centurion07

    Tesla Model Y and “Mustang” Mach E comparison

    Since neither car is a Mustang, I'm wondering what this is doing on this site...? :crazy:
  8. Centurion07

    Clutch Pedal Extension ?

  9. Centurion07

    Corvette C8

    +£80K. LOL Sure I said on this forum or somewhere else that I reckoned it would be at least £70K and it would be too expensive at THAT price. Almost £82K is ridiculous. The S550 has soaked up the vast majority of buyers for a yank V8, made up of mustang fans and just people that fancied...
  10. Centurion07

    What discs and pads

    I got a pair of Baer discs from the States a couple of years ago: Some 4.5kgs lighter per disc IIRC. Which is nice. Cost about a grand shipped from the States but not sure there's any kind of comparable...
  11. Centurion07

    New regs for engine nosie

    Fuck. That. Shit. Bloody ridiculous. More and more leccy vehicles on the road, why are they fucking about making petrol cars quieter?!
  12. Centurion07

    Lightweight battery

    Think Gibbo got one for the Jag that ISTR was around £300 and I've seen some mentioned in the yank section that are under £200. Just wondered if anyone on here had one.
  13. Centurion07

    Lightweight battery

    Anyone got one for their S550?
  14. Centurion07

    GT350 Front bumper

    DRL's are for fannies. #lawbreaker #coolkid
  15. Centurion07

    GT350 Front bumper

    Going on the fact you had the balls to take a plasma cutter to your wings I doubt a plastic front end will present any problems.
  16. Centurion07

    US keyfob programming to an EU car

    Don't recall posting this in here before but.... If you want the facility to heat the car up before you set off then you could do worse than one of these...
  17. Centurion07

    Just Wondering ...

    No. Although ISTR somebody fabbed the dash piece up and made one...but I could be wrong.
  18. Centurion07

    How many UK NFG?

    Things I will never understand: 1. How the stupidest man on the planet became president of the USA. 2. The popularity of OMM and DDR. :crackup: