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  1. Why Automatics Are Better Than Manuals

    Autos have evolved so much that there’s generally no benefit to having a manual trans for a “faster” car. They shift faster, more precisely, more efficiently and never stop putting power down. No human can replicate that. That being said, no auto can replicate the human interaction of man and...
  2. What about tattoos?

    Yeah. Makes sense!
  3. Engine blew up 20 miles after 2018 mani+tune install.

    Ouch! White smoke is typically coolant. Not sure the likelihood of a failed head gasket at your mileage, but it’s certainly possible if coolant was entering the cylinder that it “locked” and cause the piston to take a crap. Otherwise excessive timing, lean or debris entering the combustion...
  4. S650 LEAKED !! (NOT REALLY)

    I get anxiety thinking about cleaning those wheels, haha. That’s quite a car.. also agree it would look better with some Stang-styled headlights. Either way it’s f’ing classy.
  5. The comedy that is my life. Chapter 4. Hello officer.

    Shoe prints from the lawn... lol. Sounds like he realized how silly is presence was when you broke it down like that. Nothing like a set of “GET OFF MY LAWN” neighbors.
  6. 9/11

    I was 13 years old. I remember waking up wondering why I was hearing news on the radio and not Fuel or Disturbed. I wandered downstairs and saw my parents in shock, staring at the TV. Watching the planes hit, over and over. I taped hours and hours and hours of news footage for the next days...
  7. What about tattoos?

    If facing you, it will always be upside down to the rest of the world unless you’re holding your arm up. Food for thought :)
  8. 2016 gt poor please/introduction also

    I’ve gotten a 5.4 or something like that. These cars are hard to launch smooth on the street. It’s usually no traction, wheel hop, or bogging trying to avoid the first two.
  9. Do you Daily your Mustang?

    The great silver sleeper!
  10. Warning For South Floridians- Grieco Ford Fort Lauderdale

    So sad. Freaking hilarious about the domain name. I have literally been there at least twice, maybe three times when I was in the market and didn’t even get a “hello”. I was blown away, I rather feel annoyed because I’m approached the second I exit the car.
  11. Do you Daily your Mustang?

    I used to, but not anymore. In my area, dense population and HORRIFIC drivers with zero skill and zero care if they damage your property really pushed me to get a DD. I also love Jeeps so I got an old WJ Grand Cherokee that braves the harsh south Florida streets. I usually drive the Stang 1-2x...
  12. Muffler recommendations for h pipe Tinnes

    @Justgonna send it your avatar cracks me up.. forgot all about that clip until now. Basically anything but stock mufflers. Decide if you just want the axleback or full catback. The carback will include the center H or X section.
  13. Can some one please tell me me when what This code means?

    There were a few mentions about the MAF sensor as well, but I would venture to guess it’s related to your tune as well.
  14. Can some one please tell me me when what This code means? Can’t find a whole lot on it
  15. Best all around summer tire for the GT - Street / Handling

    Agreed. Not a Firestone brand pusher but the Indy’s are great. So are their mud terrain tires but that’s for a different forum. Lol.
  16. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Whole car looks wet! That further solidified my feelings towards getting a set of 357’s.
  17. How many more sessions will these cup 2s go?

    Is that a really messy plug on the front right tire?
  18. Best all around summer tire for the GT - Street / Handling

    Quick note for anyone considering the Indy 500’s. There probably isn’t a better “all around” tire for these cars, especially at the price point they’re in. Best way to summarize is this: Excellent price point Excellent straight line and cornering grip; but DO NOT expect them to outperform...
  19. Some wheel weights

    I definitely want to upgrade my PP1 wheels with some SVE R357. Probably 19x10 all the way around. That’s a NICE looking wheel and 19x10’s are BARELY over 23lbs. I do like the PP1 spoke pattern, but between the weight and not being able to run a square setup, I would like to swap them. I imagine...
  20. Got a borla catback for my 2015 GT. Is it normal to NOT have visible smoke/air from the exhaust?

    No. Changing the catback changes absolutely nothing with how the engine runs. Relax and enjoy the new soundtrack! You typically shouldn’t see exhaust condensation in warm weather regardless.