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  1. Interceptor

    Push starting a Mustang with a bad starter

    if the starter is non-operational then you basically have lost your engine rotator. Nothing more, nothing less. When you push the car and engage the clutch, preferred 2nd gear, that becomes your engine rotator. Once the engine rotates then compression fuel air and spark will begin the motor...
  2. Interceptor

    How often should you drive a car?

    when you do drive it make sure its over 15 minutes and get up to hiway speeds or over. Drive it like you own it.
  3. Interceptor

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    did you hit "OK" after the disable?
  4. Interceptor

    Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    I don't get it either.....
  5. Interceptor

    S550 owner shows off - into pole

    Fathers, Mothers .... do not let your daughter go off in a Mustang.
  6. Interceptor

    Push starting a Mustang with a bad starter

    A10 unlikely Manual maybe. Easy way to find out. Find a hill
  7. Interceptor

    Some Hot Dog always wants to race me in my mustang...

    Was it chili and did you beat them by a footlong?
  8. Interceptor

    Should I?

    Understand what your saying, I looked over a new one the other day and the interior wraps around you. Especially with that consoles that waterfalls down the center. Friends have told me the Corvette was boring to drive because they take away sense of speed, again to my point, the car belongs on...
  9. Interceptor

    Is this the norm at dealerships?

    I just refinance to 2.49% 72 months on 2019
  10. Interceptor

    Should I?

    Personally not me, no interior room, so it fast and handles great. I want a car I can use. If you won't the car just so you can have the fastest car, and newest toy then I say buy it if you have the room in your garage. The Corvette belongs on a racetrack. A Corvette on the street, is like a...
  11. Interceptor

    Do you Daily your Mustang?

    Same as bikeman, put 35k on a 17 ecoboost in 17 months. Traded in on California Special, it cost to much to mileage out, so keep parked under a shed. So first year will be 3500 miles. COV has a lot to do with it, plus I don't let my dog ride in it, so Mercury is go to car. Dog is happy.
  12. Interceptor

    Thinking to buy a Mustang

    plus we need to remember the car will look different in a Walmart parking lot.
  13. Interceptor

    Thinking to buy a Mustang

    I mis understood those options, going to edit out
  14. Interceptor

    Thinking to buy a Mustang

    Elementary Watson. First drivetrains: Engines 1. 2.3 which is a 4 cylinder with a factory turbo 305 hp. They have a high performance model that has a road handling package and a tune for a few more horsepower. 2. 5.0 which is a 8 cylinder 460 HP standard except the Bulitt 3. 5.0 Bulitt which...
  15. Interceptor

    Getting a new hood

    hood looks like a different color than bumper anyway, unless just photo.