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  1. FS: Ford Mustang Gt 2015-2019 Kooks 1 7/8 Headers and catless pipes

    Hi Mate, are these still available? also where are you located? Thanks
  2. Ford part number needed for dash trim

    Hi, i need the part number for this trim, or if someone can help me to locate this part.
  3. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    PCM As Built data needed from a performance pack V8 Manual car. Please Help Thanks
  4. V8 Manual Performance pack VIN needed

    HI i am in the process of installing performance pack gauges in my car and i need AS Built data to enable the gauges. i can download that data from motorcraft website but for that i need a VIN number of a car with performance pack. Please Help.
  5. Official S550 Mustang Owners Registry

    lidhar200in, 2017 Mustang GT manual, Brisbane Australia
  6. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    Thanks, it worked after i had driven for 5 minutes. just need to start and stop a few times.
  7. LineLock enable in Sync 3

    i am having the same problem, i have enabled both the settings in ABS and IPC but line lock is still greyed out. What should i do, Please help. Australian Mustang GT Manual Transmission
  8. Factory GT Performance Packages Gauges

    Hi HI, i will buy the gauges. are you able to ship them to Australia. Thanks