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  1. Muscle, meet precision. The AWE Mustang Performance Line: NOW LIVE

    You guys are in for a treat. Their systems sound incredible in person. I've also worked with AWE on multiple occasions in the past and they're great outfit and make some very high quality parts. Back to lurking for me. Alex
  2. A Farewell from AMAlex!

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be transitioning to the video team Monday. We'll likely have someone posting under my name starting next week. Thanks so much for the love and support that everyone here has showed AmericanMuscle and myself over...
  3. Forum discount?

    Mech10 17Grabber Take a look at your inbox! Enjoy and have a great weekend. Alex
  4. MMD rear diffuser

    SoCalTim - This is a first and we've sold a slew of these - Not to mention a vehicle that we've had on site for a build (Andy's car that I posted on facebook) Red/Bags/V-Series Wing) was driven with this installed extensively. It's a first but I'll be letting the team at MMD know about this...
  5. MMD rear diffuser

    JSWM3 - Sorry I'm just seeing this now but shoot me a holler with your order info please! Let's get this replaced! Alex
  6. What did you do with your discount code?

    Well I know I used mine on lightbars for my truck of course! I'm happy to hear that Stephanie was helpful throughout the course of the install. Thanks for the love and support and how could we mind about you making a thread, that's what we're here for! Alex
  7. Spoiler Alert! MMD by Foose (sorry that was lame, but pics inside)

    Dave - I should've posted initially with "I wish you'd stop being so good/kind to me" while we get work to have this rectified. On the multiple replacements I should've done this myself as opposed to relying on someone else to inspect the replacements as I was told they were acceptable and I...
  8. Spoiler Alert! MMD by Foose (sorry that was lame, but pics inside)

    DRKHORS - We try to help as fast as possible here but I'll be up front that we've sent Dave 3-4 replacements all with imperfections. I'm not trying to hide this in the slightest and we're all working to have this rectified as fast as possible but he's what our Paint Booth Manager had said in...
  9. 2015-2016 Mustang MMD Carbon Fiber Fuel Door Cover Review

    [ame] Add some styling points to your 2015-2016 Mustang with the MMD Carbon Fiber Fuel Door Cover. Featuring a hand laid carbon fiber weave with a glossy finish, this small upgrade provides a large styling impact for your Mustang. Add a bit of customization to the side of your 2015-2016...
  10. Raxiom LED Halo Taillights

    John577 - Never a wrong opinion sir. I think they'd look pretty cool to be honest. Aaron - I spoke with our content team and you were right. Every review that was submitted for them was fraudulent and we're pulling them down now. We should see them offsite shortly and I'll post back once...
  11. Raxiom Unit in the Works?

    Jesse R - It's bad business for me to say yes to this. Historically speaking something always comes up right? To date with our beta testers Zach was the only one to bring up the screen bleed etc. All is looking good so far but in the event that anyone is to have a unit purchased and there's an...
  12. Raxiom LED Halo Taillights

    Aarron_M - You're absolutely right and I wont lie that I've seen people submit a review just for a $5 Store Credit - We're in the process of weeding through these right now and if they're not in association with an order we'll have them removed. Thanks for pointing this out.
  13. Raxiom LED Halo Taillights

    Calabaza - I assure you that we don't submit "fake" reviews because we simply just don't have the time to do so! There's even a 2 Star review that says "They're ok". Why would we submit that? Just to even the field? :headbonk: Give them a chance as there's a couple other (18,000) members here...
  14. Raxiom Unit in the Works?

    TEXAS HEAT - Good question and I can see how that's a little funky on the wording right? This is one complete unit. Let me know if anything else and I'm here to help. Alex
  15. Raxiom Unit in the Works?

    Nav is live. No, It's not a joke. click the image above and if you'd like a DISCOUNT CODE just shoot me a PM. Thanks for your patience guys...Especially you Pat :) Alex
  16. Forum discount?

    Odd - Look at your inbox!
  17. Forum discount?

    jgedde On its way over John! Alex