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  1. I wonder why this one was totaled?

    I'm in London right now with 4 friends who all flew business class on my passes. Seriously, if you need to travel with flexibility, I'm your guy. You've been a good friend Jim, it's the least I could do.
  2. I wonder why this one was totaled?

    Then you should talk to your 'ol pal Tom about a pass.
  3. '21 GT500, clean title @ ~$29k obo

    There is a lot more missing than a trans and an engine. Yes, all said and done, my bet is near 90k.
  4. '21 GT500, clean title @ ~$29k obo

    So 35k for an engine and 12k for a transmission. At the end of the day almost a 90k proposition. Pass
  5. '21 GT500, clean title @ ~$29k obo

    It lists the engine and transmission. If included, it could be a buy.
  6. GEN2 Voodoo High Pitched noise

    Gen 2? Its the same engine with a few different parts. Ford doesn't list a Gen 1 vs Gen 2 engine, lol [/rant] Its probably your transmission sandwich plate. Fix for loud metallic buzz from bell housing plate | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, EcoBoost, GT350, GT500, Bullitt, Mach 1) -...
  7. I wonder why this one was totaled?

    Hey Sam! Good to hear from you. At first I wasn't able to see it, it came back as "403 Forbidden". I turned off my VPN and was able to see it. 46K. Then when they sold it again after all those repairs, 60K. Not a lot of profit for a lot of work. Thanks again for the link. When do you...
  8. I wonder why this one was totaled?

    Does anyone know how much that car sold for the first time around when it had the majority of the damage? Anyone have the ability to find out?
  9. Don't buy SPE Motorsport Parts

    You CC company will need something to substantiate your accusations. You may have to take it to a mechanic and he will have to diagnose and include his findings in his report. $140 may be insignificant enough that they might just credit you and write it off.
  10. Total Loss Insurance Co Issues.

    As stated, the window sticker is without a doubt the most definitive proof that it is a GT350R. And what dirtbag insurance company is giving him such a hassle?
  11. Oil and filter change

    Once per year or as the oil life I dictator dictates. If you change before storage, you are losing out on however many months it is in storage because the oil life monitor uses once per year or earlier based upon driving. The fact of the matter is that oil beyond a year is fine. I have had...
  12. Latest GT500 CF wheel purchase

    Show me the damage and I can better advise.
  13. Latest GT500 CF wheel purchase

    . My experience is that he knows what he is doing, but be prepared to wait.
  14. Latest GT500 CF wheel purchase

    You can patch or spray. You can send it off to spyder composites or fix it yourself. If you want to repair it yourself and you don't mind repairing with a putty knife to fill the damaged area, I will send you enough to do the job. PM me your address and I'll calculate postage and cost for...
  15. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Did you read all the fine print when they activated your fordpass? Most don't. You should have seen the look on my salesman's face when I told him I didn't want it activated. Nice guy, but the majority of folks just don't get it.
  16. GT500 Track Pack Carbon Fiber wheels and Tires - New Takeoff

    Yes, very beautiful wheels. Certainly, worth the price you are asking. My reference to the 10K set was used and without tires, or TPMS.
  17. GT500 Track Pack Carbon Fiber wheels and Tires - New Takeoff

    OP, you may want to include photos of the tires and treads. The tires are a significant part of this deal. GLWS
  18. GT500 Track Pack Carbon Fiber wheels and Tires - New Takeoff

    Thanks for the heads up, but those wheels are not fix'r up'rs. If the tires are in new condition, that would be a decent, fair buy. I would sell a set for probably 10K without the tires or TPMS or center caps. Again, thanks for thinking of me.
  19. Job 1 vs Job 2 (shark fin) roof antenna and what they do

    It shouldn't, but if it does break, you don't have to shout out an explicative. There is a plan B. I did exactly what you are trying to do and it will work as advertised. The biggest pain in the ass is getting the puck painted. I did my own, but if you know someone who does autobody/paint...