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  1. New hood finally open

    That looks awesome.
  2. GT350 racing thermostat question

    We know what sarcasm is. There was nothing in your post to clearly indicate it, and even though I suspected it I didn’t want to brush off someone who may have genuinely been asking the community how part of their car works. You could have seriously been saying you learn something new everyday...
  3. GT350 racing thermostat question

    When an engine is cold it needs a much richer (more fuel) mixture to burn resulting in a dirtier and inefficient burn. So a modern car tries to get the engine up to operating temp as quickly as possible. So when the engine is cold and you start it, the thermostat acts as a valve to prevent...
  4. GT350 racing thermostat question

    You guys know the thermostat has nothing to do with the running temperature of the car and has no function once the engine is warm right? I’m trying to see your reason for changing it.
  5. Bleeding Cooling System

    That’s what she said.
  6. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    You can for a few minutes to wake the battery if it's gone into protection. The owner of Antigravity instructed me personally to do it when the lithium charger wasn't waking it out of protection mode.
  7. SRP Hex Pedals Installed

    Kevin's pedals make your brake rotors glow.
  8. AMSOIL or Motorcraft, which one is better?

    Please let this thread die again.
  9. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    This. Back when I tested some batteries for them the owner himself had said once the internal protection cuts in to isolate the cells, many lithium chargers can't 'wake' the protection circuit. I ran into the issue with one of the batteries and they instructed me to connect a regular lead acid...
  10. Just ordered Antigravity Lithium Battery

    Yes, completely normal. Part of the issue is the voltage displayed on the dash is inferred and not a true terminal voltage. On top of that the fact the battery charges faster will mean the smart charging system may look to fluctuate more often. If however you saw the voltage swing back and...
  11. Oversized alternator pulley?

    No, I wouldn't recommend that on a car with a smart charging system and digitally controlled regulator output on the alternator.
  12. Rear Seat Delete... holy high priced mat batman....

  13. Had to Jump Start...Bat?? Let's Troubleshoot

    It can sit dead or even disconnected without issue.
  14. GM Engineer about the 350 fpc.

    Supposedly it wasn't for sound alone but also an increase by about 10% in volumetric efficiency by the scavenging effect according to Ford.
  15. GM Engineer about the 350 fpc.

    No I believe he’s referring to a quote from one of the GM engineers talking about how they figured the heavy vibration of the Voodoo was either a design issue or because of the UDUD crank order, and that they wouldn’t have to contend with the same issue. Then on the engine dyno they kept having...
  16. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    I opened this thread thinking it can't be that bad. Then I looked it up. Man what happened. It's as if they put some aftermarket Camaro body kit pieces onto an S550 frame. I don't understand it given how much of an improvement I thought the S550 was over previous gens.
  17. Air filter advice

    Stock filter is meant to be thrown. The blue one you see us all putting on is the Airaid one. I'm not sure if any other brands make a blue one, but just get the Airaid. There is a Ford Performance filter. It's the Airaid filter but with a Ford part number.
  18. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    Yes it did. I'm not sure what that has to do with what I said about Ford not putting out Nurburgring times though?
  19. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    Ford specifically does not publish Nurburgring times, and has never published an official Nurburgring time for the GT350 or GT350R. There was a rumored GT350R time of 7:32:19 years back during testing, but again not put out by Ford. If you have a source from Ford stating otherwise I'd be...
  20. Please not post on the real GT350 forum without tech

    The Nurburgring times are meaningless without knowing the driver, conditions, and whether the track was closed down for a record or if it was on an open lapping day with traffic. You can literally be on the ring with a caged Porsche Cup car roaring down splitting the line between two minivans.