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  1. Boosted Car Peeps - Do You Advertise It Or Not

    I choose not to advertise it. Keeps the crazies from challenging me at every light and I like the "sleeper" look.
  2. My Experience with Lund Racing

    I had Lund supply a flex and E85 tune when I was n/a, no issues whatsoever. I'm now going from Whipple Stage 1 tune to Stage 2 upgrade and Lund tune, hoping for the same positive results.
  3. PP2 Registry

    We've all been there, at least you won't have to wonder or worry. Good luck with the repairs.
  4. Rob Shoemaker leaves PBD

    You beat me to it, just saw the same FB post. Now we know.
  5. PP2 Registry

    Good question Cobra Jet, forgot about that possible wheel mixup. JJW - front wheel has the valve stem in the V shaped area and the rear wheels have the valve stem in the U shaped area. You may have wider wheels designed for rear in the front?
  6. PP2 Registry

    Wow, that is a lot. I've had zero front fender rubbing on my 305 4s and don't recall anyone here at 6G saying so either. Any alignment issues or work done where the liners possibly didn't get secured back fully?
  7. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    62 this year. Have a 2019 Whipple Stage 1 PP2 and a "03 Cobra. I ain't slowing down.
  8. Finally back in an S550! Looking for a wing!

    I put the Blue Oval GT500 wing on my PP2, good quality and easy install. Definitely enhanced the look and offsets/matches more to the PP2 extended front splitter. Didn't use the Gurney Flap though. To me it just seemed like too much on a car with stock wheels and look. If anyone wants the...
  9. PP2 Registry

    I'm curious about exact production numbers too. The Marti group said it takes 3 years after production for Ford to release numbers so maybe we'll know next year.
  10. PP2 Registry

    According to Ford's order guide for the 2019 year, you had to at minimum get a manual trans and the 301A electronic package. A pure base GT without the 301A has the PP2 option shaded out on the order guide. Mine is like the one you saw online. It was a leftover 2019 that the dealer had ordered...
  11. PP2 Registry

    Nice!! Love the look of the larger Stage 2 TB on it. I put a Stage 1 Whipple on my '19 PP2, love the extra HP and torque. I took the two metal nameplates off and painted them with high temp paint (did red since my car and engine area is black) just to make them stand out a bit, its a nice...
  12. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    As I said in an earlier post here on this thread, I'm not interested in spending all day at a car show or getting trophies but this Saturday I did enter a show because it was for a good charity and dammit, I gotta admit I was a little upset when I didn't get in the top 50 out of about 75 cars...
  13. Do you avoid or embrace car shows?

    I mostly just attend car shows whether I bring my S550, '03 Cobra or DD. Its much easier to come/look/talk/go rather than be there the entire day or have to stay by your car the whole time. Not interested in trophies either. Cars-and-Coffee and cruises with the local clubs are what I have the...
  14. Strut brace that will fit top mount super charger

    Hey, thanks for the info and for giving back, glad it worked for you. My Whipple is a bit wider than the Roush and it already imprints into the hood liner so I'm not holding out much hope.
  15. Whipple + HD clutch + stock MT-82 durability for street car?

    Been there. My son's friend came over to show us the new mods on his car, I wanted to know how his new clutch felt so I sat in it and pressed the clutch pedal once...... and it went straight to the floor and stayed there. His stock and remanufactured slave (he thought it was upgraded and new)...
  16. Best tune?

    I had Lund do a 93, Flex and E85 tune on mine and I was very happy with the results til I went boost with Whipple. Good customer service/response and the tune was spot on, had no idle or drivability issues at all. If you want a CAI because of the way it looks, do it. If your expecting...
  17. Why did you buy an automatic? (and why I ordered a 6spd)

    Yep. If it comes with the car or option package I'll take it but I don't choose it now. Although back in my teens, I gotta admit I was all over that Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette receiver with the Jensen Tri-Axial speakers, that was the shizzle then.
  18. Why did you buy an automatic? (and why I ordered a 6spd)

    I'm with you. Both my kids wanted subs a few years back so we had them put in as a Christmas present one year. I can hear them a mile away and now I have to unplug them anytime I ride or drive their cars. Its completely unnecessary.