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  1. Transporting E85 in gas cans in trunk

    You are transporting a time bomb,If in collision I hope you are right with God. Cause you are going to meet him
  2. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    Bought a 65 fastback in 65, Oh how I wish I had not sold it,Now own a 20Gt at 76 years old
  3. How bad is the damage

    Hit deer,Compressive should pay for it
  4. Caliper paint color ideas

    What type of paint do you use for calipers:devil:
  5. ordering my car now help me pick the color!!

    I have the Rapid Red,It does attract attention.Love the color,But thT Blue is nice also
  6. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    AE for me,I love it,mostly in sport mode,Gets a lot of looks
  7. tbe meaning of ghe pp1,pp2

    Thank you for your help
  8. tbe meaning of ghe pp1,pp2

    I am new to mustang jargon. What is the meaning of pp1,pp2 and s500
  9. Updated 3/27/2021 & 5/5/2022 - A look at the 2020 GT500 and exhaust system valves

    What are your thoughts,Eliminate the resonator will this put more Heat in mufflers?
  10. Help me in choosing my next mustang, gt or ecoboost?

    Can't beat the sound of a V8
  11. 2019/20

    Where is best place to look for one,Besides dealers who want to charge doc fees.(which is nothing but profit)
  12. Top speed from factory

    Understand abt license
  13. Top speed from factory

    What is top speed from factory on GT prem