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  1. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    Only 72 here, but had both knees replaced so I can brake as well as clutch! Wife is a tad older but still insists on a stick!
  2. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    Curious you're finding the Michelins noisy. I went from the factory Pirellis to Pilot Sport all season 4 and found a huge drop in road noise. But I stuck with the 18" wheels and higher sidewall tires keep the ride from getting harsh. Did you ditch the sound tube? It ads a lot of annoying...
  3. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    Must have missed that bump. When the coyote 1st gen was released, I started looking for a used one. Found out both the 1st and 2nd were available for order at the same time, so no brainer, 2nd gen factory order.
  4. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    71 here. Started with an '88 GT fastback, followed by a '99, '13, and now '18. The last three GT convertibles. All stick, and all factory orders so I could have it "my way". I tried to time my replacements when there was a horsepower bump. 225/260/420/460 hp.
  5. Please help, 2018 Mustang GT weak starts sometimes

    I would start by making sure the battery terminals are clean and making a solid connection. Then load test the battery. I've had both conditions cause problems with a warm stsrt.
  6. Ceramic coating is 🔥

  7. Who on here is retired?

    Exactly, I loved my work as long as I felt rewarded for my contributions (i.e. raises and promotions). Along came H1B visas, and those incentives disappeared. Management realized they could hire H1Bs for less money/benefits and could treat them as indentured servants. Then they layed off US...
  8. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Exactly. Like I said in my previous post about ceramic coating my boat, they buffed the hull several times to remove any oxidation from the fiberglass, then applied the ceramic. Now it looks great, cleans up easily, just hope it lasts to justify the cost.
  9. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    That is one beautiful car. I'm envious
  10. Who on here is retired?

    Retired at 60 in 2012. Was a happy Electrical Engineer until H1B visas killed all the raises and promotions for US citizens. Why bust my ass when a layoff might be looming around the corner. Luckily I loaded up my IRA and bailed. Now living in the Keys, with no snow to shovel, my boat at my...
  11. Ceramic coating is 🔥

    Just had my boat detailed with ceramic. It's a 2008 Tiara fiberglass hull that's not had the best care. They buffed it out a couple times to cleanup the gelcoat, then applied a couple layers of Starke ceramic. Reflections in this pic shows a pretty good gloss. They claim it will last a...
  12. How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    I'm "only" 71, but my '18 is hitting 50k miles. Might be time to get one more new one! Probably another GT convertible. But it's going to be hard to give up the Royal Crimson. Gets compliments everywhere I go.
  13. Sound Tube Delete?

    It's much easier to add an irrigation valve where the tubing connects to the air cleaner. Cut one rubber tube and add the valve. Search and you will find many posts on the valve part number and directions.
  14. Ode to my convertible

    I agree with you on both counts. I live in the Keys and always get a laugh from the tourists who rent convertibles, then drive around town mid day with the top down, in the blazing sun. We wait till evening to drop the top and catch the sunset near seven mile bridge. Also, the Christmas tree...
  15. Shock tower brace on convertibles...

    Both my '13 and '18 GT (non PP) convertibles had it.
  16. How many of us men without hair own S550s?

    1st time using the stupid selfie camera.
  17. OEM Battery life

    Three years and a day seems to be the rule for both my '13 and '18. Both failed while traveling from FL to PA. The last time could have been avoided. I noticed a very slight hesitation in the time from hitting the starter to the engine turning over. I commented to the wife I should have it...
  18. Rant: F@#%ing Corrosion again!

    I do live in a salt rich environment. I'm on a causeway with saltwater bays on both sides. A strong east wind will leave a salt film on the car, especially the windows, and I have to wash it frequently. But I'm inclined to go with the TSB theory that the hood was not prepped properly. The...
  19. Rant: F@#%ing Corrosion again!

    So, I had a '13 that had some corrosion on the hood when I traded it for a new '18. Three years later, it's back again! Corrosion starting in the exact same place, left front of the hood lip. I hoped Ford could figure out how to paint aluminum by now, but no joy. I'll see what the dealer has...