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  1. Qld plate BUL117 + 2016 stock catback exhaust

    Selling my BUL117 qld plates that were on my 2016 green stang.....but would look just as good (possibly better) on your BULLITT. Rear plate is std size and the front thinline. Black with white writing $1000 Also my 2016 stock catback exhaust. Only did 1000 kms before removal, and has been...
  2. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    That looks great Lugz. I am thinking of going the same way. Do you have a side on photo?
  3. [bulk buy] Steeda Clutch Spring 35lbs

    Install it!!! Seriously I just drove my car for 45 mins after installing the spring I got off hunter and it is a completely different car IMO and much for the better. I didn't notice the clutch being heavy but most importantly you can feel where it will grab rather than that vagueness of the...
  4. About to order from Leaathal Performance. Anyone need to combine postage.

    Many thanks Hunter. Received mine yesterday and installed it single handed late last night as everyone else in the household was in bed. An easy swapover but I must say it would be easier with someone else holding the clutch down. One hand to hold the clutch in and the other with some vice...
  5. One less 5.0 on the road

    Stat write-off at Manheim auctions with a power pole looking dint in the front passenger side. I dont know how much this one sold for at auction but I dont think it will go back on the road. http://www.manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/4751068/2015-ford-mustang-fm-gt-coupe
  6. [bulk buy] Steeda Clutch Spring 35lbs

    I will take it!!! Can you please pm me you payment details and expected delivery and I will fix you up Cheers Pete
  7. [bulk buy] Steeda Clutch Spring 35lbs

    Ditto!!! Anyone order a spare (or don't prefer the feel0 that they are willing to part with? If not, who is interested in going into Bulk order #2
  8. Mustangs booked on the PARSIFAL

    Manifest is showing mine as Brisbane as well......although Ford via Facebook gave me a melbourne arrival date.
  9. NEXT BATCH BUILDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are not the only one. I ordered 4 March 2015, never recd any emails from Ford, got nothing from Customer relations (except frustration). It was only when I contacted Ford on facebook that I had some sense of relief and comfort.....plus a VIN!! BUT today I recd my window sticker 1/28/2016...
  10. NEXT BATCH BUILDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My dealer said today that I still do not have a VIN number! I did manage to get one out of Ford so I do have a VIN number. (No window sticker yet but late Jan build according to Deysha). I dont know whether the dealer has this info but just doesn't know how to grab it....or just doesn't care...
  11. The so called first shipment

    I see you state in your previous post "The latest from Deysha is that my car's build week is 25th January 2016". That is about a 4 weeks before the Ford OZ date. Coincidentally Ford Oz state 60 day turnaround and we talk 90 days here. It looks like the Ford OZ date is basically at the wharf...
  12. The so called first shipment

    'unprecedented demand' what horseshi# Seriously, how could it take until late 2015 for Ford to realise they cant meet pre March 6 orders. Unless of course those cars are now being reallocated for promo and radio personalities...or other countries. This is what I struggle with.....the secret...
  13. The so called first shipment

    I have a stock code (4 character alphanumeric). R??? Is this the NSC. Metro ford Somewhat comforting that I am not the only one.....but totally bewildered why guys with later order dates are getting cars earlier:(
  14. The so called first shipment

    I have got sweet f a from Ford. No vin or nsc .....just a stock number which I believe is useless. Last time I spoke to ford oz they just kept saying they had notified everyone who had a build date .....and I wasn't one of them.....BUT they would notify me when I did have a build date...
  15. The so called first shipment

    I placed a deposit on my mustang 4 March after being told orders in by 6 March would be guaranteed "first shipment" and delivery nov dec 2015. That then became January February 2016 but I was told again in writing still "first shipment". Well Ford Oz has never rung me and although I contacted...