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  1. Tired of black wheels need a change

    I'm in the market for a change of wheels. I want something more like a polished lip wheel, but silver, and other options I am open too. I have looked at the Shelby CS-3. I know its a personal thing but seeing what are others thoughts. Need a change not a new car. .
  2. Camshaft roller finger and lash adjuster 2019 5.0

    I want to order the Ford Performance parts roller fingers and lash kit but its showing 15-17 and wondering if anyone with experience knows if there a difference for gen 3 engines?
  3. Georgia LUND N gauge (never used) $400.00

    Lund N gauge no tune ever loaded payed for a NA tune but went Whipple and Whipple tune been sitting sense 2019.
  4. P308, P300 was not lying

    Washed my car one Saturday got in to take a ride and check engine light was on. I cut it off went and go my code reader and got P0300 and P308, pulled the plug looks good. Decided to pull oil cap blow by is bad plus oil catch can is full. Pulled the engine and found this.
  5. Georgia New Gen 3 short block

    New Ford gen 3 2018 up S550 short block $2000.00 will not ship but willing to drive up to three hours from metro Atlanta If this is in the wrong section excuse me
  6. GT Steeda H Pipe

    New never used Steeda H Pipe part # 555-3619 $150.00 will pay up to $20.00 shipping from Atlanta Ga .
  7. Whipple DYI Installers

    Finishing up on my install and found the installation manual not to be clear (illustrations) well last night I was to lazy to go back out to get the manual and decided to down load it to my PC and I felt silly everything is crystal clear. So do yourself a favor and down load the manual its not...
  8. Want to run low tens with whipple

    I am getting ready to start on my car 19 PP1 A10,here are the parts I have. Stage 2 whipple with oversized heat exchanger,catted long tubes,oil pump gear and will get a custom tune on 93 octane for now. I know I need a fuel system but staying on 93 I will be octane limited either way and to be...
  9. Service engine and wrench light came on

    Started my car yesterday after sitting for a week(2019 GT PP1 10R80) and was thinking to myself its not as loud as it normally is during cold start up. Anyway I got in the car backed it out of the garage and happen to look down and noticed the back up camera wasn't working but then looked and...
  10. Starting 2019 A10 Whipple build

    I am finally ready to put the charger on my car after having it for a couple of months now as well as install the oil pump gears. After some hard thinking I went back and ordered the larger heat exchanger living in the south.
  11. Upset with wheel purchase (Vertini)

    I'm really upset and disgusted,I ordered a set of Vertini RF1.2 20X9+30 front and 20x10.5 .45 rear from Vibe Motorsport. I ordered on Nov 25 received three wheels Sunday Dec 15th. Just got the other yesterday the 17th, Well when I looked at the box for the fronts it said offset 25 and I'm like...
  12. Offset on Vertini RF1.2

    I ordered a set of Vertini RF1.2 tinted face 20x9 with 30 offset front and 20x10.5 45 rear. Wheels came and the fronts are +25 instead of 30 I plan on running a 275/35 front and wonder if anyone is running or know how this is going to look.Thanks