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  1. Qld plate BUL117 + 2016 stock catback exhaust

    Selling my BUL117 qld plates that were on my 2016 green stang.....but would look just as good (possibly better) on your BULLITT. Rear plate is std size and the front thinline. Black with white writing $1000 Also my 2016 stock catback exhaust. Only did 1000 kms before removal, and has been...
  2. One less 5.0 on the road

    Stat write-off at Manheim auctions with a power pole looking dint in the front passenger side. I dont know how much this one sold for at auction but I dont think it will go back on the road. http://www.manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/4751068/2015-ford-mustang-fm-gt-coupe
  3. The so called first shipment

    I placed a deposit on my mustang 4 March after being told orders in by 6 March would be guaranteed "first shipment" and delivery nov dec 2015. That then became January February 2016 but I was told again in writing still "first shipment". Well Ford Oz has never rung me and although I contacted...