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  1. Disturbing experience changing my oil.

    So I changed out my oil in my Silverado 1500 today and last time I changed it I switched to 0w-20 Royal Purple with a K&N oil filter (it was all they had at the time). Well before I changed the oil today I had started smelling a terrible exhaust smell that I thought was odd. During the oil...
  2. Ford Sync and iPhone Bluetooth

    Anyone else that uses the factory audio head unit and bluetooth to play music may be able to clarify something I have noticed. When I am driving and listening to music this way, I cannot always change the playlist or the artist, however, if I come to a stop it lets me do it without an issue. I...
  3. Does CJ Pony Parts offer discount codes here?

    Looking to place an order to finish out my suspension setup and it's a decent amount of money, was wondering if they have codes for x% discounts like Steeda does. Even though half the order is Steeda parts lol.
  4. Best all around summer tire for the GT - Street / Handling

    I have been doing some research on the best all around performance summer tires and it seems the consensus leans towards the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires. Just curious peoples experience with tires and their performance and if that is the best option to buy for my new wheels.
  5. Coilovers - Steeda vs. X

    Thinking about just sucking it up and going with coil overs. Any one have experience with the Steeda's? So far I really like their products but would like to hear how they stack up with the others in that price range such as B.C. and Pedders. Car will be used for street in the mountains so a lot...
  6. Georgia New 2020 GT PP1 Wheels and Tires (200 miles)

    $1500.00 - Ford factory 2020 GT Performance Pack 1 wheels and tires, 19" wheels w/ Michelin Pilot Sport 4s.
  7. Anyone running mixed springs F/R?

    I just removed the Steeda Ultra Light springs yesterday from the rear of my mustang and so far I am much more comfortable being able to get a finger between the rear tire and fender well. I still have the Steeda's in the front and actually like the way it is. I can't imagine any issues using 2...