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  1. Orange Fury color and re-paint

    Lionel, Change de peintre !!! Je ne peux pas croire qu'il n'y a pas un gars de body capable dans ton coin ? At last go to your Ford dealer. They can suggest a reputable bodyshop or do it the way you want!
  2. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    I've installed those DBA rotors for my Mustang and I'm very impressed there is almost no brake dust! Breaking quality is also very impressive.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I've putted her in storage for winter!!! I'm sad but we are arrived to that period of the year even if this is 23Celcius/73F today!!!
  4. Got side swiped. Should I polish or repaint?

    I would start with polishing. If you are not comfortable to do it yourself, take a chance with a detailing company in your sector
  5. Should I apply VRT to splitter and side skirts?

    For my plastics parts, I use Carpro Dlux with great succes ! And this product has a long term protection. Very easy to apply.
  6. Ford Recall 2015-2017 mustangs for Backup Camera Issues

    Got my recall done last friday. There were 2 cutted wires due to a 6 inches long rigid plastic loom where the wires were supposly "protected". But in fact when the truck is lift all way up, the wires get pinched between the trunk and this ridig loom causing wire breaking. The tech removed that...
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Hello Patrick, Where did you got those "protectors" ? I like them!
  8. Florida Wanted gt350 2017 model steering wheel

    I have one GT350 steering nice and just cleaned the alcantara but no button. This is not a big deal to transplant.
  9. Which “Earl” of the three you prefer….

    Pensoil 5W30 Ultra Platinum for me without any hesitation
  10. Production line quality controls

    I have a spot of hot glue on many parts in the engine bay. I suspect this is the way that production line made their identification of quality controls. Do you have also. On the air intake I used an exacto and also googone and WD40. Final results are acceptable but there is many spots that I'd...
  11. Odd battery problem any suggestions?

    2023... I would go to the stealer right away...This must be covered
  12. California 2015-17 GT 350 Steering Wheel

    David, I'm interested. check your pm. I'll give you my address
  13. Mixing Pink coolant with OEM coolant

    I would play safe on my side and go with Ford/Motorcraft Coolant
  14. Gloss Meter?

    For my undestanding, high gloss numbers are a consequence of good preparation and products. I was just thinking to suggest a Scangrip light like the Sunmatch 4. I bought one as Christmas gift from me to me last year! I did my GT this week end for the first time using that tool and wooowww ...
  15. Gloss Meter?

    I would suggest to ask to Lester. He has some and knows what works best:
  16. My DIY Wheel Cribs

    Stupid question: I just did 2 wheel cribs this week end to check as I do not have quickjack but a regular jack. So I cannot get 12 inches of wheel clearance without compressing the suspension. I measured and have only 6 inches from ground to the bottom of the wheel. But the suspension is open...
  17. constant running pub

    Jt ,Stang Thanks for this info. So just to play safe which one of those 3 should I install? I just don't want to add fake blockers and get things worse!!
  18. constant running pub

    Yes but it always come back!!!
  19. Top Well Drain Holes

    I've tried to put a clear hose in the hole to try to blast/clean with air or clean water but it goes only maybe 1/2 inch. So I didn't completed my test. Will raise the car this weekend for something else and see if going by the bottom results would be better.