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  1. Summer tire minimum temp

    Same happened to me with the Pirelli Summer tires that came on the car new. Micro cracks on the sidewalls of all four tires. Never abused the car or tracked it. The day I was switching over to Michelin AS tires, the rear passenger tire was dead flat in my driveway. Made it to the tire place with...
  2. Rock Chips and PPF

    This is why I love this place, you guys show me new things almost every day. The applicator was stopping me from doing any touch ups until someone mentioned these tiny, disposable applicators. Mine arrived yesterday. Thanks once again!
  3. Rock Chips and PPF

    I’m so back & forth on using it. But I guess it beats seeing the now white chip from showing.
  4. Rock Chips and PPF

    I have ‘21 in Antimatter Blue and I have rock chops along each side of the windshield, nose, and leading edge of the front fenders. I just received the Dr. Colorchip kit since the dealership couldn’t get the pen any time soon. I’m still hesitant to do it because every time I’ve done it in the...
  5. EcoBoost to GT observation

    Bro…you perfectly nailed the EB, twitchiness and all. I went this version for mileage since it’s mostly my daily driver…and it’s the first 4cyl I ever owned. Your right, the sound of the mufflers is annoying, even in Quite mode. But once out of my neighborhood, it’s palatable. You also nailed...
  6. Poll: Where do you get your oil changed?

    As I’ve gotten older, that crawl under the car is almost comical. I take it to the dealership since it’s still under warranty. After that I’ll use my local guy.
  7. Kind of makes me rethink my use of FordPass

    Tin foil hat crowd? 🙄 Just a bit judgmental, huh? Until we get into an accident and our insurance company acquires the data from our car that shows being over the speed limit and in turn denies the claim due to excessive speed. You do you and we’ll do us…
  8. Kind of makes me rethink my use of FordPass

    Thanks…I’m going to wait until I get these warranty issues fixed and then I’m disabling the app.
  9. Kind of makes me rethink my use of FordPass

    I had to make an appointment last week for the suspension failure warning that keeps coming up. My service guy brings up the car on his computer and proceeds to tell me how many miles on my car as it sat in the parking lot…I just put a set of Michelin all season tires on two hours prior. He saw...
  10. This guy insulted my wife and I over my car today

    Is he from California?? Pay him no mind, he's an insecure, lonely person who's disappointed in how his life turned out. I get it all the time from the V-8 crowd because I have an EcoBoost...:giggle:
  11. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    I looked into that one. I came away thinking we wouldn’t hear a $350 sub with the B & O amps. Hopefully he does. 🤞 I was shocked at the performance of that inexpensive Pioneer sub.
  12. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    That is correct, you don’t. Just plug the two new harnesses in the factory plugs and then into the speakers. Before I did that, I twisted the wires that go into the speakers and then covered them in solder to make a nice solid connection to the speakers when you screw them down…which is very...
  13. Max Cylinder Head Temperature 5.0 / 2.3 L

    Hell yeah! Thanks….
  14. Group Buy Interest

    Having a 4cyl putt-putt…I’d like to see what the price of the catch can would be…for off-road use of course.
  15. Max Cylinder Head Temperature 5.0 / 2.3 L

    I have the same gauge selected on my EB dash…but how can you tell what the temp is with no markings on the gauge? Is there a different screen to get the actual number? Thanks…
  16. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    After all the questions I asked and the 39 pages I read, this install was the one that I went with. It seemed like a great way to utilize the OEM screws in their original holes that maintained the OEM look with the grill and trim ring. The way I did it was to use a Dremel with a cutting disc and...
  17. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    Thank you for the response…I just found it 2 minutes ago when it was referenced in another thread. 😂 I think I have all the info needed and just removed the sub from the trunk. You guys rock!
  18. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    Thanks for the plug link, they worked perfectly. Now I've scoured this thread hoping to identify the polarity of the Ford wires and can't find it. LOL....do you remember which wire was which on the plugs??
  19. Buying new car cash: Dealer wants a credit check/financing application?

    I live in NJ and bought my Mustang in Long Island, NY. Last January….and paid cash. I gave them a deposit on my credit card in December and wired the balance to them via my bank in January. They never asked for any financials during the process.
  20. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    Thanks, Greg....I went with the TS-A250D4 as you did. Now all I have to do is find the time to install it. My boxes are piling up....intercooler, jacking rails, and now the sub. Thanks again brutha!