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  1. Coolant expansion tank with pmas?

    Is anyone running an expansion tank with the pmas intake? Curious as to wether or not one would fit with it. I just can’t stand the look of the factory tank and would like to upgrade to a nicer one. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Grayson.
  2. Anyone running these Recaros?

    I was thinking about ordering a set of these Recaro Sport seats but can’t seem to find any sort of figment sheet or guide, any help would be appreciated. Here is the link to the seats http://store.us.recaro-automotive.com/p/sport-black-nardo-black-artista-cloth-lh?pp=24 Thanks, Grayson.
  3. Screeching noise when slowly turning and in reverse.

    Hey everyone. My car recently developed a loud screeching noise when I’m turning very slowly or backing up. I installed a tune on the car yesterday and it was fine all the way up until I was driving home this morning and stopped to get a drink. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Grayson.
  4. Ordering ngauge

    I have a 2015 gt 6r80 and need to know what rear end gears I have. On the diff stamp it says 3L55. I'm assuming this means I have the optional 3.55s but wanted to double check. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I'd rather get this right the first time.
  5. ST Coilovers and CC plates.

    Does anyone happen to know if I would be able to run the Maximum Motorsport CC plates with these coilovers?
  6. Question about air suspension

    So my question is why is cjponyparts air lift manual kit so much cheaper than latemodelrestorations and American muscles when they appear to be the exact same kit. I understand that different retailers may get some parts for a little cheaper and be able to sell them for a little cheaper but this...