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  1. Minnesota UNAVAILABLE - LTH brand Catted 1 7/8 Headers - $1450

    I'm scrapping my original plans of throwing Longtube Headers on my car. So, I'm parting ways with my - NEVER INSTALLED - 15- 20' Mustang GT LTH brand catted Longtube Headers. I took them out of the box to verify condition upon receipt, but they've never been bolted on the car. See below for...
  2. Lego Technic GT500

    More of an awareness for those with GT500s, and anybody that appreciates a fun Lego build. The pullback propulsion is cool as well (I'm easily entertained) - I picked this set up while perusing Legoland yesterday, and it's pretty neat 🤙 It's probably the fussiest I've ever been putting decals...