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  1. LIGHT SLEEPER - An Automotive Dream (Signature Wheel Music Video)

    Awesome video! For those of you who don't know The Snake Pit is in North East Ohio, and they are having the "TSP Big Show 8" on September 2nd, open to any and only Mustangs.
  2. Share your story on how you got into Mustangs.

    I guess I was lucky and born into it. My grandfather worked as a tool and die maker and machinist for Ford starting out for them in the late 1940's at the Rouge plant, and then ultimately being able to be transferred back to the now defunct Ford Canton Forge. He owned an early 1965 (per-July...

    What is that in the trunk?
  4. Boost Gauge on Digital Custer

    I was able to get it to work on my 401 with the digital dash.
  5. 600+HP Ecoboost Build

    The best line from your website: " Once I realized it was faster than the 2010 Mustang GT I traded in on it" So you were also one of those poor guys who fell for the Ford extra rebates to get those bastardized, slow, no after market supported S197s off the lots too huh? I owned mine for 23...

    Thats is a concern for me to, mostly because karma, I was not a good kid when I was younger and many mailboxes met their demise in the fall due to high velocity pumpkins out of car windows. I did install a Ring Mailbox sensor in it, and if the mailbox senses motion, it will trigger all of the...
  7. Mischievous Purple Mustang RTR Spec 2 // Lebanon Ford Performance

    Yeah, they don't stand behind the work they do. I had the Blowfish racing shifter support installed...they installed it incorrectly (rattles like hell and the entire shifter console gets hot to the touch after 15 mins of driving). Took it to a different Roush dealer to identify the rattle, they...
  8. Mischievous Purple Mustang RTR Spec 2 // Lebanon Ford Performance

    Beautiful car, would be better if it were at any dealership beside's Lebanon Ford.

    Yeah, I was going to make them and sell them on my Etsy shop, but I am not that good of a painter, this one just came out great (lucky). Instead I just listed the decal kit, and sold the first one just an hour after it was listed! Also your avatar logo is very similar to my instagram profile pic:

    Was missing my car while it has been in storage over the winter. So I did a thing. The paint is actual Twister Orange Tri coat (local paint company made me some rattle cans). Now I am not sure I want to put it out by the road!
  11. Pink Gliiterstang Spotted in Florida

    I don't think its the state so much as "Florida Man", I mean literally there is a game based on him, where you google your birthday and "Florida Man" and you get to see what that crazy bastard did that day, so him alone being in the news 365 days a year, does give the state a bit of a...
  12. Pink Gliiterstang Spotted in Florida

    Her, as she goes into the wrap shop: "Ok, hear me out, I want you to take my Mustang and wrap it Pepto Bismol Pink, put a white racing stripe on it, and glitter bomb the top half, but under no circumstances, can you glitter the bottom half it will look tacky" Counter dude, takes a long hit off...
  13. Best '22 GT500 style wing for the money

    OEM Ford part, and LMR had the best price I could find when I swapped mine. Both pieces are included (spoiler and gurney flap) https://lmr.com/item/M16600FP/mustang-s550-ford-performance-rear-spoiler-gurney-flap-m-16600-fp
  14. Blowfish Racing safety loop rattle?

    I'm not data logging
  15. Blowfish Racing safety loop rattle?

    Does not sound like a knock or tick (my 2012 had the tick), but this is a rattle, like something tapping something hollow; I will try to get a video of it because after an hour driving it becomes much more audible
  16. Blowfish Racing safety loop rattle?

    I don't think the noise is coming from the shifter itself, but I can check that easy enough
  17. Blowfish Racing safety loop rattle?

    When I had my super charger installed back in Feb, I also had the dealer install the Blowfish safety loop, and the car sounded great. Over the last few hundred miles its developed a rattle, to best describe the sound if you remember when older models had a tack welded cover on a cat, it would...