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  1. Finally! 10’s N/A 2022 GT A10

    Temperature & DA?
  2. Wyoming Deleted

  3. 10R Stager

    Thanks for that wazslow, appreciate the input.
  4. 10R Stager

    Anybody on here install the 10R stager in there 18+ Mustang? Impressions, install difficulty, etc.
  5. Anyone know how this part gets installed?

    Ordered a new "lower black lip" part from local dealership but they weren't certain how it is s'posed to be installed. I can't be the only one who has ripped it off! Old part in pix is broken in three places. Thanks in advance!
  6. Washington Mustang S550 Ultimate Headers with custom 3" exhaust (2018+)

    Some seriously nice work, guy is an artist with metal fab! I removed my exhaust system solely for the weight reduction - sounds pretty good at WOT!!!
  7. Washington Mustang S550 Ultimate Headers with custom 3" exhaust (2018+)

    Guessin' you were running a "true street" class that required mufflers then? That is the only reason your set-up piqued my interest initially - there are a few "true street" events I'd like to run but sure as hell don't want to put that heavy factory exhaust system back on in order to run it...
  8. Washington Mustang S550 Ultimate Headers with custom 3" exhaust (2018+)

    The initial start up where it revs to 1100 or so it's pretty loud, once it gets below say 1000-900 it's actually fairly quiet.
  9. Washington Mustang S550 Ultimate Headers with custom 3" exhaust (2018+)

    No sir - what ya see is what ya get! I rarely drive it on the street except to datalog it. It actually isn't much louder than the active exhaust it came with but when you hit the gas it is LOUD!!! I'll go start it up & post a clip in a few.
  10. Washington Mustang S550 Ultimate Headers with custom 3" exhaust (2018+)

    My current exhaust set-up hasn't seen the neighbors complain yet! Sure tempting, don't think my wife has that much cheddar in the secret compartment in her purse though!
  11. Experience with Juggernaut Performance

    That is something I never tried - I would assume that would be left stock on the tune. No idea if they'd remove that "feature" on request.
  12. Experience with Juggernaut Performance

    Because it's tourist season here there is a lot of traffic so I only hit 100 mph data logging so not certain about governors or limiters. Shift points are 7500/7600 rpm.
  13. Experience with Juggernaut Performance

    Forgot about the Steeda vertical links. Yessir, nothing in the trunk, wipers, floor mats, headrests, etc removed. Brakes, wheels & tires, active exhaust system removal was the bulk of the weight savings.
  14. Experience with Juggernaut Performance

    Oh yeah, ain't no E85 in northwestern Wyoming so have to buy a barrel at a time - using Renegade Pro E85 currently.
  15. Experience with Juggernaut Performance

    '18 premium A10, engine is totally stock with exception of JP tune (91/93, Flex, E85). Rear seat delete, exhaust system removed, one piece Steeda aluminum DS, Baer drag brakes all around, drag pack, BMR drag springs front & rear, Viking Warrior DA shocks rear, removed front sway bar, UPR catch...