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  1. Stainless Power users and e85

    I have noticed a few folks back in January/February of 2016 mention the o2 bung placement has been a cause for concern for those running e85. Is this really a big deal? beefcake
  2. Holley Sniper Owners.....

    I have my Sniper IM and purchased the Holley TB adapter plate. I also have the BBK 90mm TB. Anyone have any issues with their tuner, tuning the BBK? Debating if I should just send it back and buy the GT350 TB and MMR adapter plate and save $300. I don't want tuning or drivability issues.
  3. Any Recaro phone mounts for track days?

    I really wanted the MMR mount and got ready to order and realized it won't work for the Recaro seats. Can you all share what mounts you are using with Recaro seats? If any?
  4. P0456 Evaporative Emission Leak - Any one get this code yet?

    Hey folks - While running a 10 minute errand this morning, my check engine light came on. Just got the code pulled and it's P0456. I searched the forums but that has not come up at this time. Anyone else get this code yet?
  5. Anyone know of brand new 2015 LE's that are still available for sale

    We have someone in our local S550 club looking for one to buy. I think they prefer WW with the A6 but might buy anyone available that is at sticker. We have found a couple on cars.com but they have since been sold. Appreciate any help or leads.
  6. Who's Mustang is this over in Gengenbach, Germany?

    My neighbor is over in Europe for 2 weeks on vacation and just saw this S550 this evening over in Gengenbach, Germany. Any one here?
  7. Those running 30 series tires (not 35 but 30) please post up pictures

    Hey folks - I am currently running 285/35/20 and 305/35/20 Goodyear Supercar G2 tires. I will need new rear tires in the next 30 days or so. I am really leaning towards the MPSS in 295/30/20 (front) and 305/30/20 (rear) as I don't want to run a 315/35 out back. I would go with a 315/30 but can...
  8. Pirelli PZ4 - any one running these?

    Anyone running these new tires from Pirelli? They are nipping on the heals of the MPSS in dry performance and better in the wet vs. MPSS.
  9. Feedback wanted - Cooper Zeon RS3-S Tires

    Hey folks - I would love to hear some feedback from folks here that have these tires. I know they come on the stock Roush cars, at least the Stage 3 ones. For the price of roughly $770 for 275/325/30 and 305/35/20 with their 3 year warranty, that price is crazy cheap for these UHP tires. I...
  10. E85 and oil change frequency

    I have had a few people tell me that running E85 warrants changing your oil at a much higher frequency such as every 2k miles vs. 5k on 93. What are you all people doing that run e85?
  11. 160 degree vs 170 degree thermostat

    I am about to order a new thermostat for my car as I am getting my Flexfuel dyno tune on July 6th. Not sure which one is the best for a NA application. Any experts care to chime in? 160? 170? I live in the hot south, too:thumbsup:
  12. BG Syncro Shift II from Optimum Performance

    Hey folks - had the transmission fluid changed out from the BG kit from Optimum Performance. The kit is the perfect setup for either the do-it-youselfer or your local shop. Instructions are through and easy to follow. The kit has everything you need to make this an easy fluid change. I am...
  13. Solo Performance Mach Thunder - vendor with best pricing?

    Which vendor has the best pricing on the Solo performance exhausts while being in stock? Ready to buy ASAP. Thanks:cheers:
  14. Novice roadcourse wheel/tire setup

    Hello - I have tracked my previous cars but in a very mild fashion. More or less just a casual run around the track and not pushing the car at all. With all the suspension upgrades I have done on my '15GTPP, I am ready to buy a dedicated wheel/tire setup over the next 2-3 months. I would love...
  15. Will 2007 GT500 factory wheels clear the GTPP brakes?

    Hello folks - Need to see if anyone has tested this or knows where I can get info on if the factory 2007 Shelby GT500 wheels will clear the front GTPP 6 pots? I am sure the rears will clear the brakes with no issues. I am looking to get a set of these for a cheap track day setup and running a...
  16. Trying to pick a name/descriptor for my car. Help!!

    I have an Ingot Silver GTPP. Build thread is in my signature. I like shiny things, hence my wheel choice:first: I have thought of Polished Illusion as that sounds good and fits my car. This will be put on pictures, car show board, shifter knob, etc. Anyone else have some ideas for a name or...
  17. MPSS 335/30/20

    Anyone run this size tire out back yet on the S550's? Says it would fit 11.5-12.5 width wheels. I have 11" wide. Been looking at tires to see what other brands are out there. This is within .3" in diameter of my 305/35/20 and would good out back. Not sure if there would be any rubbing issues...
  18. First step into photography, bought Sony A6000

    Figured it was time to buy a decent entry level camera that I can travel with, take good pictures of my children's sporting activities, cars, nature, etc. Thought I wanted a DSLR but ended up with this mirrorless setup mainly due to the very small form factor and the ability to shoot sporting...
  19. Pictures of my WORK CR2P wheels

    Some better pictures of my car on these WORK wheels. They get a lot of compliments and look amazing in person. The build quality and QC process is simply amazing.
  20. Pictures of my WORK CR2P wheels

    These were taken yesterday at the Atlanta Caffeine and Octane show.