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  1. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Y'know working OG's Australia branch would be less risk than opening your own. 🤔
  2. MT-82 D4 gearing question

    Thanks! Tire diameter is ok IMO. There's a large range of enthusiast tires sizes to cover. You'd basically have to break them up into 18/19/20 and then go from there with widths between 265 and 325, and 30-40 profile.
  3. MT-82 D4 gearing question

    Is this local software or a web site you feed data into? It's pretty cool!
  4. Post Your Bead Porn

    Griots 3-in-1 on the Bronco.
  5. MT-82 D4 gearing question

    I had no idea it was this big of a difference. I have 3.31s and the old MT82 and I think first is fun. The Tremec ratios seem good. D4 seems like it legit needs the 3.73.
  6. Getting lighter wheels are a game changer.

    Agree 100%. It was a noticeable difference going from the original wheels to 19x10 Apex SM-10s. Wheels and tires are the best upgrade anyone can do.
  7. Need your opinion about FB resonator

    No idea how loud or quiet this will be. I assume it's similar to the Borla one, and does mate up to 2.5" pipes. Based on the quality of other Borla products, I would assume quality is excellent. I had looked into it because I was concerned whether I'd like the X-pipe tone of the FP touring...
  8. What's the best product to polish the quad exhaust pipes?

    I think P21S and S100 are similar, but I always used S100 for this purpose. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0068C3ACO
  9. Clutch shudder -- used '20 PP2

    Before I bought mine I test drove multiple manual Stangs and never experienced this. Is the clutch is different on the MT82D4?
  10. BmacIL's Guard GT Build

    Base GT master cylinder has more front bias and is the same as the GT350 cylinder IIRC. Not sure why the PP cylinder changes the balance more rearward, maybe because of what you're noting about the sensitivity at light pedal? I agree the 4-pistons are fine for street driving. Wider, stickier...
  11. Steeda Sport Spring vs FP-Y

    I think something that's interesting / notable here is that the GT350 rear springs (and the FP Y springs) were both revised with the mild GT350 refresh in 2019. The Y springs are now YA.
  12. Tire jack

    Whoa I love the wheel dolly! @DRAGOON did you buy that or make it from parts?
  13. Something super weird

    This guy does this in every thread where he asks for help. Doesn't matter your intentions; prepare to get insulted. He belongs on an ignore list.
  14. S650 Performance Rear Brake on S550?

    I imagine the new calipers will fit. We already know the hubs and half shafts are either compatible or unchanged.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Gotcha. You have a lot more experience and are going harder than me if you benefit from that aero you've got on there. What headlamps are those? Does that hood cool well or is it just for looks? GT500-style bumper definitely looks like it lets in more air.
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Pretty sure that's an Exedy clutch in the picture, unless you meant Exedy clutches for the 15-17 specifically.
  17. Tightening Steeda Shock

    Yes this. You can also use two ratchets if you have a flex head. Having a medium size set of hex driver sockets is important when working on cars and motorcycles.
  18. Oil Brand Question

  19. Direct injection pump question

    Some paranoia here, but I had a 335 before the Stang, and I would immediately swap the HPFP in this scenario just based on that experience.
  20. If you could build it all over again?

    I agree with your take on the GT500. I stared at a CFTP on the showroom floor that was unsold and passed. I couldn't bring myself to pay Porsche money for a Mustang, even though I truly believe the S550 platform is excellent. Regarding M1 vs modding, I ended up deciding on modding just because...