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  1. 2018 GT PP1 A10 no magnaride

    Does anyone have the 2018 GT PP1 A10 without magnaride? I’m looking at a a new car that has basically everything I want but magnaride. Will the magnaride car be faster in the 1/4? Thanks.
  2. Clutchless shift M6 2018 GT

    Salesman today took me on a test ride/drive. He did a clutchless shift - told me this was a new thing. Something I would never consider doing. Is there something I’m missing? Serious question. Thank you.
  3. 3.55 Rear End 2018 GT PP1 A10 5.0 Torsen?

    Is the 3.55 Rear End 2018 GT PP1 A10 5.0 a Torsen? On the manual car it says Torsen 3.73 on the window sticker but not on this automatic. Is there a Non- Torsen 3.55?
  4. 2018 GT Premium 6 Spd PP1

    Checking this out as a potential deal? I did think the 10 speed would be better. This has everything that I want, otherwise. I like the 3.73s. Feedback appreciated...