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  1. 2018 Mustang Performance Package Level 2

    I have been thinking about selling my car for quite some time now. If you clicked on the thread you already know what it is and how rare it is to find one of these cars. It has been my baby and pride and joy since new. I clay bared and paint sealed the car shortly after taking delivery of it...
  2. Opinions on Fuel Storage

    What do you guys do when you store your cars? I've been filling it full and using sta-bil in the past. But then someone told me not to use that and use Sea Foam. I'm guessing storing it with low fuel is bad due to moisture build up? Can you guys chime in and tell me what you guys do...
  3. 4 20mm Spacers 5x114.3

    I have 4 20mm spacers for sale. As you can see 2 of them are used and 2 of them are new. I would like $55 shipped for them. Please let me know if you need any more pictures or have any questions. Ready to ship! Thanks!
  4. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's 305/30/19

    Hello, I have 4 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. They came off my PP2 car with 612 miles on it. They are in great shape. Street driven with no burn outs or hard driving. I live in central Iowa and would like to get $1,000 OBO. We can work with each other on the shipping. Thanks!
  5. My 15 PP Car and 18 PP2 Car

    Hey guys. I sold my 15 PP1 car and got a 2018 Royal Crimson PP2 car. I didn't have much time but I snapped a couple quick pictures of them together before the 15 drove away with the new owner. They are taken from my cell phone so they aren't the best but I did what I could with the time...
  6. Flaps on PP2 Cars

    I have some flaps on order but I was wondering how well they work? Can someone tell me if they do a good job not allowing the rocks to fly on the back fender of the car or if I need to look into putting a clear wrap on there. Love the tires but I hate the way they pick up every rock on the...
  7. 15 Mustang GT Performance Pack

    2015 Mustang GT Performance Package car. 6 speed. 4,300 miles. Competition Orange. Recaro Seats. $29,950 Tastefully modded: Kooks Long Tube Headers(no cats). Lund Racing nGauge. 170 stat. BMR Cradle bushing Lockout Kit. BMR Lowering springs. 25mm Spacers on all four corners. MMR...
  8. 2019 Bullitt

    Anyone order one yet? I'm thinking really hard about selling mine and ordering one. Just didn't know if anyone actually has though?
  9. Quad Tip Exhaust For Base Car.

    Has anyone done this? It seem like all the options for a quad tip exhaust rear Valance are for the premium cars only. Thanks!:cheers:
  10. Sturgis 2017

    Did anyone go to Sturgis this year? If so you guys should post your pictures. I bet it was a blast!:cheers:
  11. Spacer Torque Question

    I know the spacer topic has been beat to death. I have 25mm on all corners. And I do have the instructions but they don't say anything about re-torquing them after a certain amount of time/miles. I've had them on my car for a year and about a 1,000 miles now. Should I Take the wheels off...
  12. 25mm spacers on PP wheels

    Alright I finally bit the bullet and bought spacers thinking they would make the car look better. I'll show you guys the before picts that I took quick and post after picts in the next post.
  13. Black 5.0 Badge From Ford

    Since the new Mustangs have the "blacked out" option, I found the part numbers and put them on my car. couldn't be happier. They have the little tabs and all so they lined up and fit perfectly.:cheers:
  14. Long tube heat cycle

    Did you guys go back and check your header bolts after a heat cycle? Thanks!
  15. Powered by Ford or 302 on the fenders?

    Has anyone done this? If so please post pictures :ford: Thanks!:cheers:
  16. Tune vs Dyno tune

    I will be getting my o/r Kooks LT's any day now and hopefully installing them sooner than later. My question is should I do a Dyno Tune or get a tune from Lund or Bama? I only know of one place to dyno tune my car in Iowa unless someone can point me in the right direction? Thank You!