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  1. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    I took my 2016 in with 30,000 miles and just recently extended ESP. I had an AC leak. They repaired it and I have to pay $100 deductible. When I purchased the car I also bought the Flood Ford ESP with 7/75000 coverage. Well, only have 30,000 miles and years ran out. I opted to extend because...
  2. Ok, another coolant reservoir discussion

    Off topic, but what is the air filter system you are using? Looks pretty robust. Any performance gains?
  3. GT350 with GT500 Rear Bumoer

    How does it sound with the GT500 catback instead of the GT350 cat back? How does the flat plane crank sound if the engine change? Louder, deeper, raspier, etc.?
  4. Lets Talk Diff Coolers....

    How effective is the wrap at keeping the rear differential cooler than without the wrap? Is this an easy way to help lower rear end temps without adding an external cooler?
  5. GT350/R Long-Term Reliability

    I thought the Mach 1 has the same transmission as the GT350. If it does, then Tremec trannies are still available.
  6. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Very nice. What size are those tires?
  7. Mach 1 parts from other models

    Is the Mach 1 transmission with oil cooler the exact same one as in the GT350? Does it mount the same and has the same transmission cooler components? If so, this means one can order a Mach 1 transmission for a Gt350 with a non cooled transmission and retrofit it.
  8. I Need Michelin Tire upgrade advice

    Where in Michigan? I will be relocating to the west side, close to Grand Rapids.
  9. I Need Michelin Tire upgrade advice

    I have the R sizes (305/30/19) X (315/30/19) also, but on BC forged 19X11 and 19X 11.5. About 24 lbs each. The one thing I noticed with the P4S is the ride was smoother, yet front turn in was more responsive, maybe slightly more twitchy as well. I used the R spec offset for the wheels. i think...
  10. High-Flow Catalytic Converters

    Would like to see just strictly the high flow cats HP numbers sans headers and resonator delete. Did the company publish a standalone test with the aforementioned high flow cat by itself on a true baseline GT350 that did not have any other mods? I see they mentioned 21 hp, buts not clear if that...
  11. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I was just looking at those. Very nice.
  12. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Great. I did have extra power adders that I forgot to mention. it’s because I only used it once. I had the JLT cold air intake with tune and tanked up with the Summit Point high octane fuel, I believe 100 plus octane. The VMP tune gave me an extra 200 rpm in redline. Roughly 570 horses with the...
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Nice. I took my 2016 GT350 to Summit Point once. I had the Ford Performance sport exhaust by Borla and all else stock. I Was hitting upper 140s on the long straight past the tower. Are the SC2”s the stock 350 (295/35/19 x 305/35/19) or 350 R sizes (305/30/19 x 315/30/19).
  14. Fabspeed vs B-LINE

    What is the HP increase with the Bline high flow cats compared to the Fabspeed high flow cats? Fab speed advertises 21 whp at crank, about 25HP. I could not find any power information about the Bline cats.
  15. Boosted 350's come on in!

    Is there anything else out in the wild about the VMP kit? It seems like pretty sparse information to me. Tough call between the Whipple and the VMP option. Is the VMP a derivative of Magnacharger?
  16. What are the OEM clutch and flywheel specs?

    Thank you. Are you still using the stock flywheel and clutch for your racing fun?
  17. What are the OEM clutch and flywheel specs?

    I can’t believe that I am at a loss to find the stock GT350 clutch and flywheel specs. I mean all I find is “dual mass “ flywheel and ”dual clutch”. Does not really tell me what I want to know, for example, is the flywheel aluminum or steel, and lightweight, and is this dual clutch some special...
  18. 2016 GT350 burning a quart every 300-400miles

    I am getting ready to enroll into the oil consumption test world too. Have about 25,000 miles and it seems to eat more oil now than previously. I added 3/4 quarts to make it slightly above the half way mark. Drove about 70 miles for a Cars and Coffee run and when I checked, it was slightly below...
  19. 2017 GT350 Spoiler Swap Questions

    Yes, you will have holes in the center. Someone did a mod using the 16 GT350 blade spoiler and adding caps to the ends. The blade spoiler is probably less than 200 and you can cut Out the center and do the same thing...
  20. Virginia Free Rotary Lift 6000lb

    Have to get rid of my used Rotary lift. It’s been a great accessory for me, but wife wants it gone. I have back problems and can’t tinker like I used to. Must pick up and remove, weights about 750 pounds, 8 feet x 6 feet low profile 3.5-4 inch. Only uses 4 bolts and 120 volt Standard power...