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  1. Indiana 3:31 gear set $100

    I’ll buy it
  2. Texas FS: Boss 302 Intake

    Ok I'll message you
  3. Texas FS: Boss 302 Intake

    Still available?
  4. Ohio WTB manual pinion flange

    I've got an extra one... and just over in Indiana
  5. Indiana SW 1 7/8 long tube headers -used -$300 picked up

    Where you at in Indiana? I'm in Southern Indiana
  6. Texas El Paso local sale: IvanCRFs 2015 GT Mustang Aftermarket Parts

    What's the part number on the cv axles?
  7. Arizona BMR CB005 IRS Lockouts - $65

    I'll take them PM me what else you have also
  8. Washington Parts For Sale

    Do $150 shipped on the throttle body and I'll take it.
  9. Indiana Redline Tuning hood struts (2015-2017)

    Where in indy are you located? I'm from 2 hours south but I'm currently up around Shelbyville for the day.
  10. Need help looking at logs for STFT issue!!

    I did upload some logs they are in a zip file. Yes I'm 100% sure what I have I built the car myself as I do all my cars. Also the car was built and tuned over six months ago. It's ran great till the past month.
  11. Need help looking at logs for STFT issue!!

    I had to put them in a .zip file but they are there