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  1. Fuel rail feed: y block vs tee

    Any insight or experience on pressure loss/ flow imbalance running a tee attached directly to one fuel rail vs y block feeding both? Ok or not ok to do? Expecting a system under pressure to flow bit different here. Going to run dead headed with 10an from pump to rails. Was planning to y block...
  2. Roush/vmp tvs 2.3/2.65 PMAS intake

    Wish it was more complex than this but just looking for experience and feedback from anyone that's ran one. Considering new pmas intake on a tvs setup. Street only car. How were the iats? Did their cover keep temps close to what the roush intake was? Any real gain found/measured with this...
  3. Texas OEM 11-14 driver side exhaust header

    Looking for an OEM driver side exhaust header off an 11-14 coyote mustang. PM if you have one
  4. Texas MY18 manifold, GT350 Intake and TB and LU47 Injectors

    Jumped to a blower and no longer have a need for these parts. All parts were bought new from vendors less than 2 years ago with less than 10k miles on them. MY18 manifold, includes VMP pigtails to keep the IMRC working. also includes pigtail and evap purge valve and matching line from a 2018...
  5. Any timing chain wear ever found?

    Preparing for OPG/CS prior to a blower install... anyone ever found timing chain wear on the guides or chains on their own setup? 2017 gen2 with 19k miles. cars a 6MT, trying to not over think it and leave well enough alone. tempted to order all new guides/chains and tensioners incase there...
  6. Slave cylinder bolt torque specs

    In the middle of clutch job. Caught with my pants down. Can't find the tq specs for the slave cylinder anywhere. Anyone know what ford specs for the two 8mm bolts? Slave to trans bolts
  7. NA Twin vs single disc

    was pretty much sold on a single disc organic setup with lightened steel flywheel and then came across this: Exedy twin anyone have experience with this exedy ET05SRFD ? lethal has some other nice setups too just a bit shy with the ceramic discs as i dont need the holding power they offer and...
  8. OE vs AM branded slave cylinder

    Clutch job looming, any brand preference on the slave/ bearing combo? Is there anything better about the exedy/McLeod vs Ford unit? What about the pilot bearing? Frpp vs OE ford
  9. FRPP or MMR vs stock crank trigger wheel

    Anyone found the 2 "upgraded" crank trigger wheels a benefit over the stock one? Any discernable difference running one? Have seen a few concerns with the mmr wheel and QC issues. Planning clutch job, worth the $80 for the frpp one? Running a my18 mani out to 7600rpm right now on gen2
  10. Texas BMR SM760 rear shock mounts/ FP strut mounts / FP bump stops

    SOLD-$100 shipped via USPS to the lower 48 Paypal or cash if local (DFW area) $55 shipped for pair. New Ford performance strut mounts. Firmer rubber like PP ones. Includes new lock nut too. $55 shipped for set. Ford performance bump stops. Rears pre trimmed by Ford. New unused.
  11. Poly diff lock out, partial install ok?

    Soo the nvh most find with doing any sort of diff lockout seems to cover a wide spectrum. some hear ghosts at 40mph shrieking in their ears and others barely a whine similar to an mgw or barton shifter install. Is it ok do to one or two of the poly inserts without doing all 4? Iirc the gt350...
  12. Texas OEM PP 19 inch staggered setup for sale

    **Wheels sold please close** Up for sale are full set of staggered OE 19x9.5 and 19x9 off my 2017 performance pack gt. 8500 miles when removed. -No Tpms -no center caps -Full set OE lugnuts included Boxed and able to ship using what sve sent replacement wheels in. No curb rash or damage beyond...
  13. Tire wear/ alignment question

    Hey guys just looking for your thoughts on this tire wear. Putting new tires on after the holidays but not sure if this is the continued wear I should expect from this car. Stock pirellis, 2017 PP with 8k miles. Left front pretty heavily worn on inner most tread block. Right side has similar...
  14. Polyurethane spring insulator

    Any sources for poly spring insulators front and rear? Top and bottom on the rear is #9 and 10 for reference. Common item in poly for older Mustangs but not finding any for newer gen ones.