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  1. Illinois 4 delivery mile Cup 2s 305/30/19

    Came off a 2019 PP2 and stored in a climate controlled environment. Tires are date coded 2819 $750 for all 4 located in IL
  2. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    Given the AC issues that plague the s550 evaporator, I would in a heartbeat. That goes and the warranty already paid for itself
  3. Minnesota 2018 Mustang GT PP2 Reduced $36500 FIRM

    Your price of $39k is in line, don’t let ignorant people influence you. Look on autotrader. This forum is not the place to market your car. Not enough exposure
  4. Buying a GT350 or 24'GT-DH

    S650 is the ugliest mustang ever made. It literally gets uglier every time I see it. And I want to like it, typically new models grow on me. This has not in the slightest I don’t care how many quarts of oil my damn voodoo burns. S550 all the way
  5. Prices are on the rise......

    Personally I prefer private party any day of the week. What I am finding however, especially with the high ticket items like the R, people seem to prefer a dealership due to the ease of financing etc. and they are willing to pay a premium for that convenience. These boutique dealers are doing...
  6. What would any of you be willing to pay for a 19 pp2??/

    I have 4 PP2s and love them dearly. More rare than any other S550 and IMO one of the best looking. They have come up in price lately. Seeing the s650 makes me think the S550 in any trim will continue to hold value. Base GTs are going for $32 so if that’s your number, I’d move on from...
  7. Michigan FOUND/Purchased Want to buy 2019 or 2020 GT PP2 w/recaro's

    I have 4. PM me all 401a leather recaro cars 20 ruby red 460 miles 20 velocity blue 15,000 miles 19 velocity blue 9000 miles-full PPF on most of car 19 velocity blue 4500 miles all blue PP2s have contrasting blue stitching which is very rare located in NW IL
  8. Prices are on the rise......

    being in Hawaii probably didn’t help! Still a good price though
  9. Tips for dealing with road rage?

    Is it worth losing your life over is a question I ask myself all the time when dealing with people like the Op. Sounds like you instigate and therefore it seems like it’s every else’s fault but your own. That these road ragers seem to always find you. Be respectful on the road and it amazing...
  10. Prices are on the rise......

    he’s a buyer for Forman, the seller as well as Diamond .
  11. Prices are on the rise......

    That car on BAT was owned by me until September. Second it did not meet reserve at $87, third the high bid was actually only $84k because the final bidder works for the dealership that listed it on BAT. It was a shill bid.
  12. North Carolina 2019 Mustang Performance Pack 2 (PP2) for sale, $42,500

    Are you the original owner and do you have any pictures of the interior? Thank you.
  13. Georgia WTB Velocity Blue or Race Red PP2

    Very very rare. Until now this was the only other blue stitched car I have seen besides mine
  14. Prices are on the rise......

    he just sold my 17 lightning blue R with 5000 miles for $72,000. They had it listed since September so it took a while.
  15. My one owner 2019 Ford GT350

    Atta baby. Congratulations!
  16. Illinois Pilot sport 4s 315/30/19 and General G max 305/30/19 like new

    You can have them all for $500
  17. Illinois Pilot sport 4s 315/30/19 and General G max 305/30/19 like new

    1000 miles on them, asking $750.
  18. Illinois Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust System 3" Xtreme With 4" Polished Tips GT Fastback Without Active Exhaust 2018-2022

    Located in IL $1250 used for around 5000 miles, no dents and never seen salt...
  19. GT350 Touch up paint on fender bolt and fender seam from factory?

    I wouldn’t be too scared. I’ve seen this before, maybe the fender wasn’t aligned perfectly from the factory and had to me adjusted at the factory or during PDI. or if the front bumper was removed to install say a tow hook, they might have had issues reinstalling it and getting it to fit where...