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  1. Minnesota Ford Performance 87mm Throttle Body M-9926-M50B $175.00

    For sale is a like new 87mm throttle body (TB). It came with the 2018-2021 FP Mustang Gt Calibration w/cold air intake kit. Also included is the TB adapter which is required for the production intake. Fits the Mustang GT 5.0 Coyote engine. The kit was installed for about a week before I sold the...
  2. Minnesota Ford Performance Street Lowering Springs (New in Box)

    I have 2 sets of Ford Performance (FP) Lowering Springs that fit 2015-2023 Mustangs. Both sets are new in box, unopened. FP website says the springs lower car approximately 1 inch. Each box has a different part number as FP at some point changed manufacturers. I will sell each for $150.00 (FP...
  3. 2017 GT 350

    I was at my local dealer trying to buy a new Mach 1 (fail) when I saw the above vehicle on their showroom floor. The vehicle has 4,100 miles on it and looks to be in excellent condition, its a 2 owner car. Asking $63,998. I know nothing about the very little about 350, I do know they don't make...
  4. 2017 GT 350

    I went to try and buy a new Mach 1 and saw a 2017 GT 350 with 4,100 miles on it. It’s in great condition. Price is $63,998. I know almost nothing about them. I’m sure there are plenty of threads about the 350 but I’d be interested in hearing the pros and cons of that model year. Thanks
  5. Unreasonable Dealer Markups

  6. Ford Performance Street Pack

    Looking for photos of a GT Premium ( I have a 2021) on the Ford Performance street pack before I buy. It says the drop is about an inch. Not sure that will be enough to satisfy me.