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  1. Second key not working

    In the states any decent mobile locksmith can clear the existing fobs, reprogram the new (or current) fobs and cut the emergency keys quicker and less expensively than a dealer. In fact the dealer I bought mine from doesn't really mess with fobs/keys. They schedule a mobile locksmith to come to...
  2. Why would you buy a USED Mustang?

    I didn't read the whole thread. I'm sure it's full of the usual "save money, get mods, just as good, etc, etc, etc" VS "not beat on, know history, warranty, yada, yada". If you feel one way or the other you're not likely to be convinced the other way is fine. I bought mine used because buying...
  3. Second key not working

    Was the second key ever programed? One clue might be if the emergency key is cut or blank and, if cut, opens your car.
  4. Ford pass

    If you're truly having trouble with the app other than just locating the info try restarting the device you're on or delete and reload the app.
  5. Mustang Performance Shops In Minneapolis

    Call, or better yet, go by the Chevy guys shop. If there's a place that specializes in Mustangs they will know. They'll probably give you some shit but they'll know about other local performance shops.
  6. Lost for words

    Not necessarily. A small round like won't have that much energy at a distance.
  7. What is this?

    It's an air deflector of some sort. I forget exactly what Ford calls it. I do know they tend to get knocked off by road debris and cost around $30. I've had to replace the one on my driver's side twice. The fastener that's not a Phillips head is a torx fastener. Here's an example but they are...
  8. Good god please help me fix this noise lol

    Four year old blades need to be replaced. Ford blades are available online, just put the part number into Google. Also, look up the YouTuber "Project Farm", he did a wiper review a while back if you want good alternatives to OEM.
  9. what aftermarket shift light do you have?

    He's right, modern cars don't do things like they did even 10 years ago. The Mustang is very, very CANBUS controlled. For example, the interior lights aren't on a separate circuit like they used to be. Now the door switch/sensor provides a power signal to the BCM and it decides if it's ok to...
  10. Driveline Clunking

    Once again, noise when depressing the clutch pedal is most likely throw out bearing/slave or clutch related. I can't comment on any perceived or real transmission noises or problems on your car. I don't know your skill level or shifting habits and it's not like the manual transmissions in these...
  11. 2015 Ecoboost Head gasket questions

    If there's milk in the oil it probably needs rebuilt anyway. Bearings really don't care for coolant in the oil.
  12. Driveline Clunking

    If you're in neutral and not moving, it's not the drive shaft. My guess is something in the clutch/throw out bearing. It's a '22 and should have a warranty, take it in.
  13. Safest Method for Removal of Blade Spoiler?

    Right? People way, way overthnk this stuff!
  14. 3 month depreciation 😬

    The Mach wanna b -E is the 5th or 6th slowest selling new car in the country. If I can find the link again I'll post it. Edit; https://caredge.com/guides/new-car-inventory-most-and-least
  15. Clicking noise when steering

    At least they didn't tell you it was a normal characterist. I'd much rather be told we've looked and can't find it than "they all do that ".
  16. 15-17 carbon fibre steering wheel for 23 s550

    Hey, would you mind telling my wife that? Just those two words....
  17. Clicking noise when steering

    You need to get the front off the ground and get under the car with a big pry bar and test every ball joint and rubber bushing for even the tiniest bit of movement. While it's up check the wheel bearings top to bottom and side to side for noise or any movement. Or if you're under a warranty...
  18. 15-17 carbon fibre steering wheel for 23 s550

    Well, double check me for sure, Google should tell you, but I'm pretty sure it won't work.
  19. Good god please help me fix this noise lol

    I had that problem on my Edge. Tried several different brands if blades, cleaning, etc and nothing helped. Ended up tweaking the arms a bit and haven't had a problem since. It took a few tries to get it exactly right but was worth the effort.
  20. 15-17 carbon fibre steering wheel for 23 s550

    Pretty sure the steering wheel changed with the '18 refresh. Don't believe a '15-'17 will fit.