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  1. Hans Device Anchors

    Hi folks, What type of Hans Quick Click Anchors do you recommend for a SA2020 Helmet with the drilled holes (for Hans device anchors) https://soloperformance.com/products/racequip-pro20-snell-sa-2020-full-face-helmet-white? My understanding is that with a helmet with drilled holes, you don't...
  2. Missouri Mach 1 Upgraded Wheels

    Upgraded Mach 1 wheels on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (255/275) with TPMS sensors. Little over 3k miles on them. 7-8/32 tread. Width: Fronts are 9.5", rears are 10". Asking $1,200. Local pickup.
  3. What adhesive tape do you guys use for a spoiler

    Hi all, I have a GT500 take off spoiler that I want to put on my car. Logically, I'll need put on new adhesive tape. There is a million different ones out there...
  4. Missouri WTB: Recaro Seats

    Hi all, Looking for Recaro take offs (or the Ford Performance version). Thank you!
  5. Missouri Mach 1 Wheels

    Hi! Wanted to see if someone was interested in a wheel swap: I have the upgraded Mach 1 wheels (3k+ miles no scratches with OEM Michelin PS4S with plenty of tread left- see pic) and am looking for either the PP2 wheels or the Mach 1 Handling package wheels. Thank you!
  6. GT350 Heritage Edition with 500 miles

    Just wanted to leave this here, maybe it finds a good home with one of the forum members https://www.bobmooreford.com/inventory/used-2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt350-rwd-2d-coupe-1fa6p8jz3l5552462/ It used to be my dream car/Mustang but when I was looking, these were over $80k and I got spooked...
  7. Mach 1 making more power than the DH

    https://www.mustang7g.com/forums/threads/steeda-dynos-the-dh-again-after-break-in-and-gt.158582/ Well this is surprising
  8. Wheels & Tires...different options...what say you?

    Hi all, Asking for opinions/pointers on my wheel and tire setups. Goal: To have 1 set for street use and 1 set for non-street use. Currently: (- I have 1 set of upgraded OEM non-HP wheels that came with my car (PS4S, 255 front and 275 rear); I intend to sell them once I figured things...
  9. OEM Steering Wheel - This one looks fishy to me

    Hi GT500 folks, Really looking for an OEM GT500 steering wheel as the stop stripe matches the accent stripes in the seats of my Mach 1. Seeking your opinion on this one here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/175833334237 After I told seller that the "carbon fiber" inserts are most likely stickers...
  10. WTB GT500 OEM Steering Wheel

    Hi! Looking for a take off steering wheel, new or gently used. Thank you!
  11. My First Time Saying Good Bye to a Dog - Please Help Me

    Hi all, This may seem weird to post on a public forum but I guess I am looking for some support. Tomorrow at this time, my dog Coco, will be gone. Since I made the appointment earlier this week (someone will come to my house), I've been a complete wreck. I take solace in knowing that she had...
  12. Missouri WTB: MACH 1 Handling Package Rear Spoiler and Gurney Flap

    Hi, Looking for a MACH 1 Handling Package Rear Spoiler and Gurney Flap. Thank you!
  13. Missouri WTB: MACH 1 Handling Package Wheels and Tires

    Hi, Looking for a set of low miles and clean Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels and Tires. Thank you!
  14. OEM Handling Package Spoiler - Where to buy?

    Hi! Does anybody know where I can buy the OEM handling package spoiler (with gurney flap) or what the correct part number is? All I can find is the gloss black version from the GT500 but not the dark grey one as it comes on the Mach 1 with HP. Thankful for any pointers!
  15. New Pads and/or Fluid?

    Hi and quick question: Car is 1,5 years old, has about 3k total miles (about 50:50 street and highway) and 1 track day (novice group, follow the lead) under its belt. Still has stock/original brake pads and fluid. For an upcoming track day (1 day, novice group, follow the lead), would you do...
  16. Mach 1 PPF - What to do with the hood stripe?

    Hi all! Couldn't find any thread on this with the search function so I hope this is not a duplicate. Getting full front PPF installed next week and wanted to see what other people have done with regards to the hood decal/stripe. I have 4 options: 1. Gloss over entire hood 2. Remove stripe...
  17. Track Setup for Mach 1 - What Wheel/Tire Combo can you recommend?

    I have a Mach 1 without the Handling Pack (yes, I do regret it now :) ) and am thinking about getting a dedicated wheel/tire combo for track use. I have the stock PS4S 255/275 on and feel like I'd need a little more grip. Option 1: I could go with a set of Mach 1 Handling Pack take offs with...
  18. Necessary for our cars?? Engine Block Support / Bellhousing Braces

    Hi all, After reading this horror story https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/ford-denies-track-use-warranty-2018-gt350r-2900-miles.187535/ I am wondering whether these here...
  19. Missouri NEW - Accelatec Gloss black Taillight Panel Molding - Smooth without Emblem

    New in box (opened for picture only) rear decklid panel. Asking $150 shipped to CONUS.
  20. Missouri OEDRO® Floor Mats for 2015-2021 Ford Mustang, Unique Black TPE All-Weather Guard Full Set Liner

    Used for about 600 miles and only in the summer. Asking $90 shipped to CONUS. New they are $132.99.