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  1. 2022 GT 1/4 race day. So close to 10 second pass

    Wow great times, what performance mods on your GT?
  2. Virginia 2018+ Gen 5 Whipple 3.0 Stage 2 kit

    Would prefer 6 speed but if you want exactly what you want you have to buy new, please send photos and more information on mod’s to 630 247 4887 [email protected] thanks Paul
  3. Virginia 2018+ Gen 5 Whipple 3.0 Stage 2 kit

    If you’re car only has 700 miles would you be interested in selling car if it has 401 and pp?
  4. Illinois Want to buy 2015-2022 supercharged mustang

    Wanted to buy 2015-2022 supercharged mustang gt with less than 2500 miles with 401 group, performance pac , prefer a 6 speed, rapid red or black 630 247 4887
  5. Missouri Gauging Interest 15-17 VMP Gen2R complete kit

    How many miles on the car? I may be interested in the car with supercharger on car
  6. Illinois Wanted to buy

    I know you guys think I’m crazy and they may be right but my hot rods only get maybe 100 miles a year because I’m the only care giver for my wife, even though I don’t have time to drive I still like to here them run and look at them
  7. Illinois Wanted to buy

    Wow, that’s a beautiful Mustang you have but I’m really looking for a lower mileage car, thanks so much anyway
  8. Illinois Wanted to buy

    Wanted to buy 2015-2022 Mustang GT with supercharger, must be less than 2500 miles, never driven in rain and always under cover and be premium with pp, prefer 6 speed manual but will consider 10 speed, text or call 630 247 4887. [email protected]